Hello. My name is Raymond. Please allow me to extend my greetings on behalf of Professor Sycamore.
~ Raymond, introducing himself to Professor Layton

Raymond is a recurring character in the Professor Layton video game series, appearing mainly as Jean Descole's butler in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. Nothing is known about his past or why he is so loyal to his master.


The Last Specter

Raymond supported Descole in the town Misthallery and left it with him in a carriage after he had failed.

The Miracle Mask

After Descole successfully raised the third legacy of the Azran, Raymond saved him in a fight against Leon Bronev.

The Azran Legacy

Raymond brings Layton and his companions to the town Freonborg in Desmond Sycamores airship Bostonius and then joins the group on their journey around the world. He turns against the Professor by helping Descole to escape from a fight with Layton.

In the end, he starts with Descole to a brand new journey, after the Azran Dolls are defeated.


While he actually is a nice person with many good qualities and pretends to be on the side of the Professor, he still supports Descole with his plans, but only because he knows of Descole's goal to stop Targent.


Raymond is sophisticated and intelligent. He is able to drive all sorts of vehicles and to throw smoke bombs.


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