Raymond Bell was a henchman of Roland Daggett in the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Feat of Clay, Part One" and was mentioned in "Feat of Clay, Part Two." He wore headphones that were always tuned to police radios.


Daggett sent Bell to kill Lucius Fox which was a part of Daggett's scheme to take over Wayne Enterprises .But Batman foiled the attempt on Lucius Fox. Daggett later ordered Bell to kill Matt Hagen just as Roland thinks he is no longer useful to him. Bell and Germs tried to kill Hagen by feeding him a large amount of Renuyu cream which instead turned Matt Hagen into Clayface.

Batman later tricked Bell into fleeing Gotham by hijacking the police radio and said that there is a warrant that is issued for Bell's arrest. Batman catched up with Bell and interrogated him on the murder attempt on Lucius Fox through dangling him by his wrist over Gotham bay in the Batwing. Bell fainted before he could tell who was impersonating Wayne and Daggett's involvement in the attempt. However, Batman turned him over to the police. Daggett mentioned that Bell wouldn't tell anything to the police and it is unknown if Bell was ultimately incarcenated.