Raymond and Kevin

Raymond and Kevin are minor antagonists-turned-anti-heroes in the 2016 Disney animated feature film Zootopia. They are a pair of Polar Bear Thugs who work for Mr. Big, the most feared crime boss in Tundratown.


Raymond and Kevin first appeared when they spotted Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps snooping around Mr. Big's limo as Judy is investigating the disappearance of Mr. Big's botanist Emmett Otterton. Being aware of Nick's bad blood with Mr. Big (due to selling him a very expensive wool rug made from the fur of a skunk's butt), Raymond and Kevin angrily confined Nick and Judy in their limo while heading back to Mr. Big's place. During the ride, Raymond pulls up some pictures on his phone and chuckles at a photo of him and Kevin smiling for the camera while playfully strangling a wolf.

Raymond and Kevin bring Judy and Nick to Mr. Big's office, where Mr. Big orders the two thugs to dispose of them by dunking them into the freezing Arctic water via a trap door under the floor of Mr. Big's home. Fortunately, Mr. Big's daughter Fru-Fru recognizes Judy as the officer who saved her life from a crushing donut statue, prompting Mr. Big to order Raymond and Kevin to spare Nick and Judy.

Following the arrest of Mayor Lionheart and his cronies, Judy learns that a certain flower called the Night Howler is responsible for turning several predators savage, and that Duke Weaselton was going to sell several of them for money. Knowing that Duke was responsible for kicking the donut statue that almost killed Fru-Fru, Nick and Judy informed Mr. Big, who then orders Raymond and Kevin to ice Duke unless he fess up, to which Duke finally confesses that he did want to sell the flowers to a ram named Doug Ramses, all part of Dawn Bellwether's plot to create a prey-supremacist society in Zootopia.


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