Let's rumba, Tiny!
~ Raz to Manny

Raz (real name: Rasmussen) is one of the secondary antagonists in Ice Age: Continental Drift. She is a Procoptodon (a prehistoric kangaroo) and a member of Captain Gutt's pirate crew.

She was voiced by Rebel Wilson.


Raz was found in Australia by Captain Gutt and his crew, he recruited her for her weapons skills and extremely aggressive for a fight. She and the crew enjoys serving under Captain Gutt's command. In the final battle in Continental Drift, she is seen striking Manny with a shark teeth whip biter, confusing the Whooly Mammoth for a brief moment. Along with Dobson and Flynn, Raz was blasted off the ship by the whale Precious.

It's currently unknown what happened to her and the rest of the crew but more likely they were taken to safety by Flynn, it's also possible that the crew disassembled as Squint came back to home in Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade.

Personallty and Abilities

Raz is tough, fearless, cruel and dangerous as Captain Gutt is. A true Aussie Shelia Kangaroo, serves as the crew weapons expert. She loves to party. She is always keeping weapons in her pouch.

She is the smart one of the crew,with a special dislike for Sid and anger at Shira for being a traitor. She can use her pouch to store weapons and is very talented at using them in battle,and her legs are strong enough to kick the Snowball Cannon at oncoming ships and jump really high.

  • Swordfish Sword
  • Pufferfish Mace
  • Shell Spear
  • Shark Teeth Whip Biter



  • She is the tough girl in the crew of the pirates.
  • Raz is a Procoptodon, also known as the Giant short-faced kangaroo, which lived during the Pleistocene period.
    • A study shows that giant kangaroos from the subfamily Sthenurinae (which Procoptodon was in)'s leg sturcture cannot be used for hopping, but it could be adapted for running.
  • Toughest of the the crew and originally from Australia, an Aussie girl born to fight based on instinct and habit.
  • Raz was originally going to serve as Sid's love interest of the movie.
  • Jennifer Hudson was considered for the role of Raz.


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