If blood is your desire, blood shall flow.
~ Razdal to Daenerys.

Razdal mo Eraz, known as Grazdan mo Eraz in the books, is a character that hails from A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones. His name is changed to avoid confusion with other characters named "Grazdan", since the name is extremely common in his region.  He is a wealthy slave trader from Yunkai, and a member of the Wise Masters.

He was portrayed by George Georgiou in the television series.

In the books

Razdal mo Eraz first appears in A Storm of Swords as Grazdan, where he was sent by the Wise Masters as an envoy to negotiate with Daenerys when she comes to conquer the city. He bribes her with gold and attempts to persuade her to ignore Yunkai. Daenerys offers him an ultimatum to release the slaves.

Grazdan then threatens Daenerys, telling her that once the battle is over she, along with her people, will be enslaved. He has his tokar burned by Drogon, prompting him to flee.

In A Dance With Dragons Grazdan travels sails to Volantis in an attempt to convince them to send their fleet against Daenerys, bribing them with slaves trained in prostitution. 

In the SHOW

The role of Razdal mo Eraz in the third book and season is essentially the same.

He returns in the sixth season with the Volantene Belicho Paenymion and the Astapori Yezzan zo Qaggaz to negotiate peace with Tyrion Lannister in Meereen. Afterwards, however, the three slavers attack the city with their fleet, bombarding it with trebuchets, demanding Daenerys to surrender. Drogon later arrives and burns an attacking ship.  Grey Worm then offers one of the masters to be executed as a punishment. Razdal and Belicho pick Yezzan for being lowborn. However, Grey Worm instead cuts the throat of the first two with his knife as a warning to the third.


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