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Razor was a minor antagonist in Batman: Arkham Asylum and one of the Joker's henchmen. He is also possibly mentioned in Batman: Arkham City.

He is voiced by Rick A.Wesserman.


Arkham Asylum

Razor was an inmate at Blackgate Prison but after a mysterious fire hit the place, Razor alongside other Blackgate prisoners were shipped to the infamous Arkham Asylum. During Joker's takeover, he worked for Joker, who had control over the asylum. He was left in a room where Aaron Cash and a Doctor were locked up, he was hanging from a rope which prevented him from going into the deadly laughing gas. Batman is forced to cut him down in order to get to one of the fans which will clear out the gas, Razor somehow survives this and later on escapes from the room, managing to get past Aaron Cash and other survivors. When Batman returns to the Intensive Treatment, Razor and a group of armed henchmen finish up in attaching explosives to the many gargoyles which Batman gets on to hide. While still working on his bomb, Razor is killed when Joker tests it by setting his assigned bomb off.

Arkham City

Razor is mentioned by some thugs about him being killed by the Penguin after attempting to join his gang, because he was previously working for Joker, who the Penguin hated. It is mentioned that Razor was killed by being dropped into a pool full of boiling water and razor blades.


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