Re'gish Wamik is a Sangheili Zealot holding the rank of Field Master in the Covenant Military and a minor antagonist in the video game Halo Wars.


Halo Wars

Wamik commanded a legion of Covenant forces during the final stages of the Harvest Campaign. He and his men unearthing a doorway to a newly-discovered Forerunner Relic, prompting Wamik to contact the Prophet of Regret to inform him of their findings. Wamik also requested that he send down the Arbiter so that they may open the Relic.

Halo 5: Guardians

Wamik's military career was well-documented by the UNSC and thus a sigital construct of him was created by the Office of Naval Intelligence to serve as a boss for Warzone scenarios designed to test SPARTANs in the Stormbreak simulation

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