They are the enemies of the Liberation Army. We cannot let the government interfere. We will be the ones to take them down. I swear on the name of destroy the League of Villains.
~ Re-Destro's goal on destroying the League of Villains.

Rikiya Yotsubashi is a major antagonist in the manga/anime series My Hero Academia, serving as the main antagonist of the Meta Liberation Army Arc. He is the president of Detnerat, a company that focuses on working the lifestyle support industry.

Unknown to his employees, however, he is also the supreme commander of the Meta Liberation Army, taking on the role after his father, Chikara Yotsubasi, passed away. Taking on the villainous name Re-Destro, Yotsubashi plans to continue on his father's legacy and one of his first plans is to eliminate the League of Villains.


Re-Destro presents himself as a genuine and sincere man that wishes to improve the society of Quirk users and how their lifestyle is treated within the Detnerat company. He puts on an energetic and charismatic personality when promoting his business on TV.

However, this is merely a facade. Underneath his mask is a sinister villain who is devoted to the ideals of his father, Destro. Re-Destro's ultimate goal is to fulfil his father's dream of forming a liberated society where everyone is allowed to use their Quirks freely as they wished. He will do anything he can to accomplish this goal, even if it means having to go as far to commit murder and eliminate any obstacles that get in his way.


Meta Liberation Army Arc

Rikiya is first seen on TV promoting his company, making the announcement that he plans to support heroes themselves with their latest lifestyle support inventions. Afterwards, he's later seen having a personal discussion with his employee, Miyashita, regarding the marketing with Quirks. He then brings up a book and mentions how he's looked into it. When Miyashita takes a look, he notes that the book was written and published by Destro, the former leader of the Meta Liberation Army, who is well known for his terroristic acts. Growing frustrated with Miyashita's negative comments, he asks if he happens to have any relatives by his side. He then speaks highly of him, of how he hard working he was and much he wanted to introduce him to the other members of his company, before deciding to strangle him to death.

Following the unfortunate event, Rikiya went back home for the night where he met with his fellow staff members of the Meta Liberation Army. When Koku reveals that they managed to get in contact with people associated with the League of Villains, Rikiya makes the announcement that their goal is to destroy them.

Rikiya later made contact with Tomura Shigaraki, introducing himself as Re-Destro. He reveals to him that he has captured Giran and has pinpointed the exact location of the league. He then offers Tomura the opportunity to either challenge him in a battle or to lose at the hands of the heroes.


  • It is likely that Horikoshi was influenced by Joker's character when creating Re-Destro as both characters are similar in terms of appearance and personality (albeit, Re-Destro is more calm and composed while the Joker is outright insane).



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