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They are the enemies of the Liberation Army. We cannot let the government interfere. We will be the ones to take them down. I swear on the name of destroy the League of Villains.
~ Re-Destro's goal on destroying the League of Villains.
We will tear down the existing framework and rebuild this world... as a place where people are free to be themselves and use their abilities as they see fit!
~ Re-Destro to the League of Villains.

Rikiya Yotsubashi is a major antagonist in the manga/anime series My Hero Academia, serving as the main antagonist of the Meta Liberation Army Arc and Season 5 of the anime. He is the president of Detnerat, a lifestyle support company that specialises in creating products to accommodate different Quirks.

Unknown to his employees, however, he is also the supreme commander of the Meta Liberation Army, taking on the role from his ancestor, Chikara Yotsubashi. Taking on the villainous name Re-Destro, Yotsubashi plans to continue on his ancestor's legacy and one of his first plans is to eliminate the League of Villains.

Following his defeat against the League of Villains, however, Rikiya surrendered his resources to Tomura Shigaraki. Seeing how Tomura has managed to liberate himself, Rikiya decides to reform the Meta Liberation Army and League of Villains into the Paranormal Liberation Front, becoming one of Tomura's nine lieutenants.

He is voiced by Hiroaki Hirata in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Sonny Strait in the English version of the anime.


Mugshot of Re-Destro.

Re-Destro presents himself as a genuine and sincere man that wishes to improve the society of Quirk users and how their lifestyle is treated within the Detnerat company. He puts on an energetic and charismatic personality when promoting his business on TV.

However, this is merely a facade. Underneath his mask is a sinister villain who is devoted to the ideals of his ancestor, Destro. Re-Destro's ultimate goal is to fulfil his father's dream of forming a liberated society where everyone is allowed to use their Quirks freely as they wished. He will do anything he can to accomplish this goal, even if it means having to go as far to commit murder and eliminate any obstacles that get in his way. Although Re-Destro puts up a facade, he does not lack empathy and does care for others. This is noticeably shown when he learned about the death of Curious, in which he broke down in tears.

Re-Destro initially disliked the League of Villains, particularly Tomura Shigaraki, as he believed they were nothing more but a group of villains that just wanted destruction for no particular reason and were ultimately a nuisance that threatened his goals. Following the events of Deika City, however, much of Re-Destro's view on them were changed. He was convinced from his battle that Tomura was the ideal person to lead his army as he was someone who truly became liberated, by unleashing his Quirk to their full potential.

Upon forming the Paranormal Liberation Front, Re-Destro has taken on a more jovial side of himself as he has shown to be extremely pleased with working by Tomura's side. At the same time, he has become overly flattering and grovelling towards his new leader, to the point of coming off as sycophantic. This even causes Spinner to wonder if he ascended to the rank of (now former) Grand Commander through buttering up his superiors.



Following his capture and imprisonment, after successfully publishing his biography; Meta Liberation War, Destro committed suicide in his cell. Unbeknownst to the world however, Destro had produced a son who carried on his lineage. Rikiya was born from Destro's bloodline and was raised by the remnants of his followers to bring the Meta Liberation Army back to strength and make Destro's will a reality. Over the years, Rikiya embraced the role as the Meta Liberation Army's commander and gained many followers by his side. He also founded the Detnerat company as a mean to spread his ideology across others.

Meta Liberation Army Arc

Rikiya is first seen on TV promoting his company, making the announcement that he plans to support heroes themselves with their latest lifestyle support inventions. Afterwards, he's later seen having a personal discussion with his employee, Miyashita, regarding the marketing with Quirks. He then brings up a book and mentions how he's looked into it. When Miyashita takes a look, he notes that the book was written and published by Destro, the former leader of the Meta Liberation Army, who is well known for his terroristic acts. Growing frustrated with Miyashita's negative comments, he asks if he happens to have any relatives by his side. He then speaks highly of him, of how he hard working he was and how much he wanted to introduce him to the other members of his company. However, he states Miyashita is a hindrance before deciding to strangle him to death. He then sheds tears at his employees' demise.

Meeting the executives.

Following the unfortunate event, Rikiya went back home for the night where he met with his fellow staff members of the Meta Liberation Army. When Koku reveals that they managed to get in contact with people associated with the League of Villains, Rikiya makes the announcement that their goal is to destroy them.

Rikiya later made contact with Tomura Shigaraki, introducing himself as Re-Destro. He reveals to him that he has captured Giran and has pinpointed the exact location of the league. He then offers Tomura the opportunity to either challenge him in a battle or to lose at the hands of the heroes.

Tomura Shigaraki vs Re-Destro.

The League of Villains eventually arrived to Deika City, where they are confronted by the Meta Liberation Army and thus, engage in battle. In the meantime, Rikiya observes the scene from a watchtower with Giran and Skeptic. When Giran threatens that the league will release the Nomus to attack the city, Rikiya points how limited their resources really are, based on the fact that the Nomus have not been using since the Kamino Incident. Rikiya later learns about Curious's death, which brings him to tears as he stated that life was precious to her.

Twice eventually confronts Rikiya with his clone army, much to Rikiya's shock, noting how Twice has overcame his trauma. Twice then proceeds to create clones of Tomura, Compress and Dabi, while the other clones prepare to attack Rikiya. The clones get attacked by him, however, after utilizing his Quirk. Before Rikiya could finish them off, the clone of Tomura reveals that that the tower will soon be destroyed. Rikiya is horrified when Tomura himself collapsed the building down, leaving him and Rikiya alone. Tomura was surprised at Re-Destro's true identity and they prepare to fight.

The climatic battle.

Tomura then proceeds to attack him, but Rikiya proves to be the stronger out of the two as he manages to easily rip two fingers off his hand and has him restrained in his grasp. While he continues to hold Tomura in his grasp, he asks what exactly Tomura truly fights for and why his ambitions are hollow. He states if all Tomura craves for is nothing but destruction, then he would never hope to match with him. Before he could finish him off, however, Tomura was able to free himself by crumbling his finger with his two remaining fingers, causing Rikiya to smack him away.

From here on out, Rikiya notes how stronger and faster Tomura has gotten and decides to no longer hold back. He proceeds to release more of his stress at 80% and creates a shockwave with his arm that sends Tomura and various structures flying back. Rikiya then receives a transmission from Skeptic, who tries to alert him of Gigantomachia's presence and that he's proceeding to head to his direction. However, upon witnessing Tomura gaining his newfound powers further, Rikiya decides to unleash the Claustro, to finish off Tomura for good.

Despite his efforts, Tomura once again overwhelms him with his sheer power and proceeds to destroy the entire city around them. As a result, Rikiya loses his battle suit upon making contact with the ground, but manages to cut off his feet before the disintegration can completely decay him. After the destruction, Tomura proceeds to march towards him, reminding him that this all happened because he decided to challenge him. Eventually, the rest of the Meta Liberation Army arrive to aid Rikiya, but he calls off the army to stop their attack. Witnessing how great Tomura truly is, Rikiya decides to surrender and submit all of his resources under his command.

After the battle between the two villainous organizations, Rikiya receives a mobile chair as a means for him to travel around. He held a ceremony and announced to his army that the Meta Liberation Army would be reorganized as the Paranormal Liberation Front, with Tomura as its grand commander and the key members of both the League of Villains and Meta Liberation Army as his nine lieutenants. Following the ceremony, Rikiya checked on Tomura to see if there was anything he needed, but Tomura told him otherwise.

Endeavor Agency Arc

Sometime later, Rikiya meets with Hawks, who informs him about Endeavor, and how he has taken two students of U.A. as his interns. Rikiya later attends a meeting with the majority of the nine lieutenants in regards to their upcoming plan. Around this time, Rikiya received a new set of mechanical legs to replace the ones he cut off earlier.

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

At some point, Twice had made a clone of Re-Destro, acting as the CEO of Detnerat, who was invited over to the Hero Public Safety Commission to form a deal involving Support Items. However, it was a trap set up by the Pro Heroes, so that they could swiftly arrest him, knowing how dangerous he was. Rikiya happily agreed, excited both as a villain and as a CEO. The Pro Heroes, however, were unprepared for the resistance Rikiya put up using his Meta Ability. He ends up killing Midnight, damaging part of the building and injuring most of the staff that tried to capture him.

Before he could continue his rampage, Rikiya starts telling people around him that what the Paranormal Liberation Front seeks is order without order, a true freedom through liberation. He claims that 'the seeds' have been already sown and that the public will soon start using their own Quirks without restrictions. After Gigantomachia was on the outside, heading for his master, Edgeshot targeted the real Re-Destro, although by that point his spare legs have finally arrived. In his 100% Stress Mode, Rikiya, whom to outside. As he broke through the ground and interrupted Cementoss fighting against Geten, Edgeshot finally defeats Rikiya by piercing his body using her Quirk, causing him to reverting back into his normal form and destroying her mechanical legs, with his body moderately injured Rikiya was later found and arrested alongside Geten, Trumpet, Slidin' Go and 16,929 Liberation warriors.

Powers and Abilities


Re-Destro building up his strength with his Quirk.

  • Stress: Re-Destro's Quirk allows him to build up his mass and strength from his own frustration. The more anger he builds, the larger and stronger he becomes. As a result, this Quirk provides him a variety of superhuman capabilities such as superhuman strength, speed and durability. One side effect of the Quirk, however, results in him slowly balding, due to the amount of stress he accumulates.
  • Superhuman Strength: With his Stress Quirk, it grants him to enhancement to 80% of his power, covering himself in a black energy manifestation and transforming into a gigantic monster with superhuman strength, allowing him to destroy through various structures, take on a massive army on his own, as well as tear off parts of the human body.
  • Superhuman Speed: The Stress Quirk also grants Re-Destro superhuman speed, allowing him to move at speed faster than the human eye can react to and evade Quirks that travel at a rapid pace, such as Tomura's Decay.


  • Strategic Leadership: With an army consisting of various Quirk individuals, including Pro Heroes, Re-Destro has shown he is a competent leader when it comes to building armies. He has also shown to be capable of planning strategically, as he was successful at leading an ambush on the League of Villains by luring them with a hostage, as well as detect the flaws of them, based on their history.
  • Business Skills: Re-Destro manages the Detnerat Company as CEO, while also leading the Meta Liberation Army at the same time, showcasing his skills in the business industry.


  • Claustro: The Claustro is a high-quality amplification device made by the Detnerat Company, which amplifies the stress of Rikiya's Quirk further, allowing him to gain 150% of his power.


  • It is likely that Horikoshi was influenced by the Joker's character when creating Re-Destro as both characters are similar in terms of appearance and personality (albeit, Re-Destro is calmer and more composed while the Joker is outright insane). However, his quirk is similar to that of the Hulk's, in which he builds up his strength and mass, based on containing in his anger.
  • Due to his appearance, fans compared him to Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

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