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Reagen serves as the penultimate boss in Conker's Bad Fur Day, and its remake; Conker: Live & Reloaded. At first she appears to be a little girl, but is later revealed to be a puppet-like girl that's attached to the arm of a large-robotic Tediz.

Reagen has control over the robot, known as The Experiment. However they are capable of surviving independent of one another. It is apparent that Reagen was at one stage an actual girl, but she was warped when someone performed a weird experiment on her, turning Reagen into a bioweapon. After the destruction of the Experiment, Reagen blows herself up, along with the rest of the Tediz base. The death of Reagen makes a very rare instance where a child is killed in a video game, as it is illegal for that to happen in some countries even at the player's hand. This however could explain her behavior when she "accidentally" starts a count-down to blow up the base.


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