Real American is a Bronze Age super-villain from DC comics, debuting in 1984 as an enemy of the All-Star Squadron - a member of the Phantom Empire he follows the long tradition of American superhero comics involving the threats of Nazi-style villains - a tradition still seen in both DC and Marvel with groups such as HYDRA and characters such as the Red Skull and Vandal Savage being used to continue the war-time origins of many of America's iconic superheroes.


Real American was an alien android in the possession of the Monitor, who gave the machine to the Phantom Empire in order to aid the group's nefarious goals.

Indeed, Real American was given special technology in order to worsen race relations during the infamous Detroit Race Riots of 1942 - which would of destabilized America and allows the Phantom Empire to create a New Order, if not for the All-Star Squadron's intervention.


Real American has superhuman strength, durability and endurance as well as mind-control capabilities and a steel-whip, which he is an expert at using.


  • Real American's costume is very similar to the KKK, this is likely a deliberate choice - much as is the case for the Marvel villain, Hate-Monger, who shares a lot in common with the Real American.