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Reapmon (Baalmon in the Japanese version) is the mysterious assassin in the Bagra Army in Digimon Xros/Fusion. He has two weapons; a gun hiding in his long sleeve, and a crimson sword.


Reapmon is an Unknown Level Digimon that looks like a mysterious figure in a white cloak covered in paper seals. Basically his appearance is the combination of the appearance of Wizardmon and the Digimon Tamers version of Beelzemon.

Digimon Fusion

Reapmon is the mysterious assassin in the Bagra Army. He dosen't seem to trust the three high officers, Blastmon, Tactimon, and Laylamon.

During the battle against IceDevimon, Reapmon sneak attacked on the frozen Ballistamon, but was blocked off by MetalGreymon.

During the journey in Sand Zone, Reapmon encountered Shoutmon X4. Reapmon however helped Mikey save his friends from Ebemon's control. Just then Laylamon showed up, thinking that Reapmon betrayed her, injured Reapmon with her poison claw. Mikey tried to save Reapmon's life during the attack on the SkullScorpiomon and Machinedramon. When Machinedramon became HiMugendramon, Reapmon sacrificed himself to save Shoutmon X4 (as X4K's) life. Then in the end, Reapmon was reincarnated into Beelzemon and joined the Fusion Fighters as a new member.


  • Kamiuchi
  • Guiltish
  • Leak Information
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