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But lying down is so much easier than standing up. The rules for what I like to call the Reaver Team Spirit Award are these: Firstly, any worker that so much murmurs another complaint will be shot. Secondly, any worker who takes more than a three-second break will be shot. Lastly, any worker who breaks any other rules I have yet to formulate--yes, you guessed it--will be shot.
~ Reaver's first lines in Fable III

Reaver is a character appearing in the Fable video games produced by Lionhead Studios.

He was voiced by Stephen Fry, who also played the Master of Laketown in The Hobbit trilogy.


Reaver is the Hero of Skill, one of three Heroes that the Hero of Bowerstone must find in order to defeat Lord Lucien Fairfax. After traversing Wraithmarsh, the Hero of Bowerstone makes his way to the city of Bloodstone, where he finds Reaver in his mansion, posing for a statue. Reaver, however, is unwilling to ally with a relatively-unknown hero, so the player is forced to attain more renown points by doing quests. As the Hero of Bowerstone leaves Reaver's mansion, Reaver can be heard criticizing the sculptor for inaccurately portraying him before a gunshot is heard.

Once the Hero of Bowerstone gains enough renown and returns to Reaver, Reaver, now posing for a painting of himself (after the Hero leaves the mansion this time around, Reaver is heard chastising the painter before shooting her), charges the Hero with taking his Shadow Seal to the Shadow Court in Wraithmarsh. However, Reaver neglects to inform the Hero that doing so involves having to make a choice between allowing the Shadow Court to drain his youth or handing the Shadow Seal to an innocent young girl and allowing the Shadow Court to take her youth instead.

After the Hero of Bowerstone has completed the Shadow Court quest and returns to Reaver a third time, Reaver informs him/her that he made a deal with Lucien to turn the Hero over to him. Just then, his mansion comes under attack, and Reaver is appalled that Lucien turned on him ("Just as I was in the middle of back-stabbing you!" he tells the Hero). Reaver and the Hero then escape through a secret passageway, fighting off Spire Guards as they make their way out.

Once they exit the underground passage and come out onto the beach, Reaver and the Hero meet up with Garth and Hammer, and together, the four Heroes face off against a Great Shard. Once they defeat the enemy forces, Theresa appears and teleports the four to Bower Lake, where they begin the ritual to unveil the special weapon needed to defeat Lucien.

However, they soon find themselves surrounded by Spire Shards and Spire Guards. Lucien appears while Theresa disappears, and he takes Reaver, Hammer, and Garth hostage while he shoots the Hero of Bowerstone. The Hero of Bowerstone, however, gains the special weapon, the music box that set the plot into motion years earlier, after making his way through a dream world, and he confronts Lucien inside the Spire as he drains the three other Heroes of their individual power.

After Lucien is defeated and killed, Reaver complains about his reward, then opts to accompany Garth back to Samarkand.

Fable III

50 years after the events of the previous game, Reaver is now the founder and head of Reaver Industries. He first appears during a worker's rally against his unfair policies, and he shoots one of the workers while delivering a cruel speech to the rest of the workers before rudely dismissing them.

Later, the Hero of Brightwall accompanies Page, the leader of the Bowerstone Resistance, to Reaver's mansion to rescue a bunch of Page's fellow rebels, who have been captured by Reaver. Going undercover at a masquerade party, the two of them find one of Page's men, only to find that Reaver killed the rest and that they've been led into a trap by Reaver, who forces the Hero and Page to participate in battles against assorted enemies for the amusement of himself and his guests. Once the Hero of Brightwall and Page win the battles, Reaver expresses his disappointment over how they didn't die. Page tries to shoot him, but Reaver blocks the bullet with his cane and leaves.


I thought he'd never shut up! Oh, I'm sorry, did you want to kill him?
~ To the Hero of Bowerstone after he takes too long to kill Lucien
Yes, yes, but onto more important matters. What about me? What do I get? Cash would be nice.
~ After Lucien is defeated
The Wheel of Misfortune! It's rather simple: I spin, you die, we watch. Really! It's, it's a riot!
~ Explaining how the Wheel of Misfortune works
Why! No less than the most unsightly, obnoxious creatures ever to contaminate this world! Super.
~ About Hobbes
Like the tales of my greatest conquests, the Wheel simply demands to be spun. What delicious fate will it deliver this time?
Not a bad strike for someone afflicted with such rampant rigor mortis!
~ About Hollow Men
I do love to bring two cultures together...and see which one dies first.
~ Before the Hero of Brightwall and Page face Sand Furies
Oh, dear. Do you brutes have any idea how hard it is to find good staff? Still, one might as well enjoy the show. What's the use of a secret society without a little secret, after all?
~ After a Balverine kills his employee Barry Hatch
Well, I must say, you've made me out to be a somewhat poor host! Rather rude of you to dispose of all my guests!
~ To the Hero of Brightwall and Page after they kill all the Balverines at Reaver's ball
Oh! My dear girl! Why not stop all this bickering! The three of us can go up to my quarters and have a private party.
~ To Page
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