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You've been at PCA with Chase for two years. You had your chance. (Zoey: Uh, look, I don't know who you think you are but-) I think I'm Chase's girlfriend, and you're not. So leave him alone and stay out of my way.
~ -Rebecca threatening Zoey to stop being friends with Chase

Rebecca is a student at Pacific Coast Academy and a recurring antagonist in the third season of the Nickelodeon TV series Zoey 101. She serves as a minor character and main antagonist of the episodes , "Surprise", "Chase's Girlfriend" and "Zoey's Balloon".

She was portrayed by Daniella Monet in her first villainous role, who also portrayed Trina Vega on Victorious.


At the beginning of Season 3, Rebecca is introduced as Chase's new girlfriend. According to Chase, she is from his hometown and both of them met through their respective mothers, who worked together, which is how she first found out about PCA and decided to attend after started to hit it off. In "Surprise", she briefly appears when Chase shows her around campus until he is forced to leave and break up a fight between Michael and Logan over the single bed, promising that he'll catch up to her later. Later on, Zoey goes to Chase's room to ask him if he is in love with her, after Lola and Quinn tell her that's the reason why Chase wanted to speak to her privately, only to back down after walking in on him and Rebecca kissing, with Chase introducing her to Zoey as his girlfriend.

In "Chase's Girlfriend", picking up right where the previous episode left off, Chase later introduces Rebecca to his friends during lunch. At first, she seems to be a really nice and sweet person until Rebecca comes over to Zoey's room and warn her to stay away from Chase and stop being friends with him, thus showing her true colors. The next day, Rebecca finds out that he had told Zoey about a cartoon of his that got accepted online. She is upset at Chase that, as his girlfriend, she wasn't the first to find out, so she forces him to choose who he prefers to be with: her or Zoey. At the end, he chooses the latter and breaks up with Rebecca (offscreen), allowing Zoey and Chase to resume their friendship.

However, in "Zoey's Balloon", she returns to get her revenge on Zoey, whose balloon with a secret of hers tied in it, which was for a Psychology class assignment, got stuck on a tree and was immediately retrieved by Rebecca, who knew about Zoey's secret and started blackmailing her into doing cruel things such as making her walk around campus wearing a banana suit, although she is unaware that Rebecca is the culprit at first, and later having to go to the café, stand on a table and dance to a 1990's hit dance called the Macalana (a parody of the song "Macarena" by Los Del Rio).

Quinn and Lola try to help her out, with Quinn trying to extract fingerprints off the blackmailer's note to no avail, then tracking the source of the website in which Zoey was being blackmailed, leading both of them to a nerdy student named Firewire, who is not the blackmailer but the creator of the website, but refuses to give up any information. However, after destroying one of his Galaxy Wars collectibles, Firewire eventually relents and reveals that Rebecca was the one who found the balloon and the blackmailer. Zoey later confronts Rebecca, who shows her anger at being dumped by Chase and makes it clear to Zoey that if she doesn't do as she says, she will reveal her secret to everyone. However, at the last moment, Zoey refuses to go through with the act, but when Rebecca is on the verge of revealing Zoey's secret, all of her friends help thwart Rebecca's plot by revealing most of their embarrassing secrets. Finally, Zoey has the courage to reveal her secret: the little girl showing her butt on the Golden Tone suntan lotion bottles was her when she was 4 years old. Then, Zoey and everyone start dancing to the Macalana, except Rebecca who gives up and angrily storms off, leaving her with nothing that could affect Zoey. It is unknown what happened to Rebecca afterwards, but it can be speculated that she was expelled from PCA for blackmailing Zoey and threatening to publicly reveal one of her secrets if she disobeyed her.


  • Rebecca's actions are similar to Charlotte Watsford from H2O: Just Add Water.
    • They briefly dated the guys, Chase and Lewis, who had a crush on the female protagonists, Zoey and Cleo.
    • However, they were both jealous of Zoey and Cleo, resulting in Chase and Lewis dumping them over the formers. The only difference being that Cleo and Lewis were already a couple prior to meeting Charlotte whereas Zoey and Chase were not.
    • Later, they wanted to get revenge on both girls for being dumped.