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The Recidivist is one of the player controlled villains of the Hatred DLC, Survival mode.


The Recidivist was a repeat offender criminal who was released shortly before The Crusader's rampage. He tried to go straight and make an honest living, but society shunned him due to his status as a repeat offender. The Crusader's rampage inspired him to take his vengeance out on the society that rejected him, so he joined Widowmaker and the Psychocop in enacting a rampage of their own to end as much life as possible before being killed themselves.


The Recidivist is hateful of humanity due to their refusal to give him another chance and allow him to reform after he was released from prison. As a result, he came to view them as worthless scum. The Crusader's rampage inspired him to kill as many people as he could before being killed himself to vent his frustration toward humanity.

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