The Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess is the main antagonistic faction in the 10th Super Sentai Series entry Choushinsei Flashman and an alien army focused on gene reconstruction and universal conquer.


Taking over planets and using their lifeforms as fodder for its experiments, Mess Empire's goal is to transform its leader, Lah Deus, into the strongest being in the universe, and they arrived in Earth in their next invasion.

In 1966, 20 years before the start of the main series, Mess Empire members were responsible for hiring Alien Hunters to kidnap five children (Flashman members when they were children) in order to gain gene samples from Earthlings, but those children were saved by an alien race known as Flash and were sent to other planets for training. 20 years later, those children returned back to Earth to combat Mess, though they were no longer adjusted to Earth's atmosphere.



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