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It's our time up there.
~ Red's most famous line.

Red, originally Adelaide Thomas, is the main antagonist of the 2019 psychological horror film Us. She is initially presumed to be a Tethered , a doppelganger of main protagonist Adelaide Thomas Wilson, created by the United States government. However, in a tragic twist, it is later revealed that she is the original Adelaide, whose life was usurped by the actual Red when she replaced her.

She was protrayed by Lupita Nyong'o.


In 1986, the Thomas family travel to Santa Cruz, California to take part in a festival at the beach. During their stay, Adelaide wanders away from her father and discovers a funhouse. Going inside, Adelaide is trapped in a room of mirrors when a storm knocks the lights off. While going through the mirror room, she finds a doppelganger of herself and without warning, the doppelganger attacks her, strangles her (along with possibly damaging her windpipe) to unconsciousness, and chains her to one of the many beds belonging to the Tethered while she escaped to the surface world. Adelaide is forced to live a terrible existence within the Tethered society, being made to eat raw rabbits, and performing crude mannerisms to a similar vein of her doppelganger. Eventually, the Tethered realized that she was different from them as she had her own mind and her ability to speak. From there, she was made the de facto leader of the Tethered, and Adelaide would spend the last thirty odd years formulating her revenge against her doppelganger for taking her life as well as to lead the Tethered on a mission to kill off their real world counterparts.

The attack happens on the night the Wilson family return home from the beach. Adelaide, now going by the name Red, tasks her Tethered family with dividing up the family while she gets to toy around with the Tethered Adelaide. After the family manages to kill Abraham and Umbrae as well as the Tylers' doppelgangers, they try to escape Santa Cruz only to find that several other residents had been slaughtered relentlessly by the Tethered who are now forming a line in reference to the "We Are the World" campaign that Red had watched years ago prior to being switched out. After Jason succeeds at tricking his Tethered, Pluto, into walking into the flames of a burning car, Red kidnaps him and takes him to one of the Tethered's secret facilities. Chasing her to the facility, the Tethered Adelaide gets into a fight with Red ending it by stabbing and brutally strangling her to death. Despite her death, her plan appears to have succeeded as the Tethered are last seen being observed from afar by the government.


Once upon a time, there was a girl, and the girl had a shadow. The two were connected, tethered together. When the girl ate, her food was given to her warm and tasty. But when the shadow was hungry, she had to eat rabbit raw and bloody. On Christmas, the girl received wonderful toys; soft and cushy. But the shadow's toys were so sharp and cold that they sliced through her fingers when she tried to play with them. The girl met a handsome prince and fell in love. But the shadow, at that same time, met Abraham, it didn't matter if she loved him or not; He was tethered to the girl's prince after all. Then the girl had her first child, a beautiful baby girl. But the shadow, she gave birth to a little monster. Umbrae was born laughing. The girl had a second child, a boy this time. They had to cut her open and take him from her belly. The shadow had to do it all by herself. She named him Pluto, he was born to love fire. So you see, the shadow grew to hate the girl so much, for so long, until one day the shadow realized she was being tested by God.
~ Red revealing her story.
Be careful.
~ Red in the trailer (said quote never said in the actual film).
~ Red advising Zora to run whilst Umbrae gives sprint.
If it weren’t for you, I never would have danced at all.
~ Red's words to Adelaide before fighting her, also doubling as her last words.





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