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Red Armor

Red Armor

The Red Armor is a minor villain in the video game; Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. It's an Emblem Heartless that attacked Sora and his friends in the Olympus Coliseum during the Phil Cup and Hades Cup.


Phil Cup

While Sora and his friends were attending both the Phil Cup, various pieces of the Red Armor appeared throughout the tournament. The pieces included; the Hammerlegs, Armored Torso, and Gauntlets. They were all quickly dispatched, even in spite of the pieces having other Heartless to assist them in battle.

Hades Cup

Eventually, Sora and his friends decided to attend the Hades Cup. While attending they eventually encountered the Emblem Heartless; Red Armor. The Red Armor was proven to be a powerful Heartless, but despite this, Sora, Donald and Goofy managed to defeat the Red Armor, and move on to the next round.


  • In the original Kingdom Hearts, the Guard Armor originally attended the Phil Cup and Hades Cup, before being replaced by the Red Armor in the Final Mix edition, and was treated as its own separate entity.


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Red Armor
Red Armor



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