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Curse you, Red Baron!
~ Snoopy cursing the Red Baron.

Manfred von Richthofen, or the Red Baron as he tends to be called, is a recurring antagonist of the Peanuts franchise, appearing in Snoopy's ventures as the "World War 1 Flying Ace".

He is a German fighter pilot and Snoopy's arch-rival, alongside the Cat Next Door. He is based off the real-world person Manfred von Richthofen. The character made his debut in the year 1965.

Due to his adult status, the Red Baron almost never appears fully, often being completely off-screen or having just his airplane, the Fokker Dr.I, appear, or his body in shadow. Many strips with the Red Baron show him duking it out with Snoopy and coming out on top. As such, the dog has made it his mission to stop the Red Baron.

He is also the main antagonist of the PlayStation 2 and Windows video game, Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron, as he and his flying circus try to defeat Snoopy while having a dream of his story he wrote in a novel on his typewriter.

He also appears as the main antagonist of The Peanuts Movie, once again only appearing in Snoopy's side-story.


Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron

In the E 10+ rated Peanuts video game Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron, while sleeping on his doghouse, Snoopy has a dream about being a famous World War I Flying Ace, fighting in a story he wrote in a novel on his typewriter.

During his dream, the Red Baron sends out his flying circus in determine to defeat Snoopy. During Snoopy's first mission, that takes place on Aerodrome Island, the Red Baron drops some papers out of his airplane and General Lucy van Pelt sends Snoopy to retrieve them, believing it might be crucial information about the Red Baron's plans. At first, the papers get snatched by a flying robot called the Retriever Bot, and Snoopy must fly after it. After the Retriever Bot lands a few times and Crawler Bots parachute down over it to try to protect it, Snoopy manages to shoot and destroy each Crawler Bot and the Retriever Bot flies off leaving the papers behind, causing Snoopy to be able to collect the papers and deliver them to Scientist Marcie at the warehouse. After Snoopy delivers them to Marcie, she looks the papers over, and realizes they really must contain the Red Baron's war agenda, which includes calls for actions from enemy camps as nearby as the Woods of Montsec, and she telegraphs the Intel to home base. Officer Linus van Pelt then sets off on his blimp to head back to home base to study the new intelligence in detail. During the fifth mission, Snoopy, Allied Bomber Peppermint Patty and Naval Seaman Schroeder manage to destroy the Red Baron's nearby base on the deserted outpost island.

After accomplishing the first five missions on Aerodrome Island, the Red Baron's Commander brings in the flying circus' battleship to the island, to use it to destroy the Aerodrome Tower, but Snoopy, pulling Woodstock on his Woodstock Glider, arrive to sink it. Woodstock manages to shoot and destroy the battleship, sinking it.

Shortly afterwards, the Red Baron captures Charlie Brown the janitor and steals the plans for a special weapon Marcie designed, the Doodlebug. Woodstock sees Charlie Brown get kidnapped and alerts General Lucy about it. So she sends Woodstock to find Charlie Brown and the stolen plans. Meanwhile, Allied Spy Sally Brown discovers enemy activity in the Woods of Montsec, and Snoopy gets sent there to destroy the Tree Base the Red Baron's soldiers built. In the woods, Snoopy succeeds to burn down the base. However, Snoopy then had to destroy a giant robotic bug-like machine called the Harvester. Snoopy couldn't let it escape, or else the Red Baron will use it to build another Tree Base. Snoopy though succeeds to destroy the Harvester, stopping it from getting away.

Meanwhile, Woodstock finds Charlie Brown and sneaks into his jail cell, and Charlie Brown writes a message for Woodstock to bring back to the Allies with no interception, that reveals the location of an important base which is where he is imprisoned at.

Later in The Front Lines of Verdun, the Allies and Axis get prepared to clash at the field of Verdun, which was an important battle that could change the war's results. Allied Pillboxes get threatened by Driller Bots, but Snoopy manages to destroy the Driller Bots, saving the Pillboxes. This then allows Bomber Peppermint Patty to take down the front lines of the enemy.

After accomplishing the first two missions at The Front Lines of Verdun, the Red Baron's Commander and Troops then attempt to retrieve lost ground with a giant tank called, Major Catastrophe, which they plan to use to destroy the city of Verdun. Snoopy again pulling Woodstock on the Woodstock Glider had to then stop it. As Woodstock shoots at it's guns and flame cannons however, it wouldn't get any hurt. But then Woodstock has an idea and shoots the supports under a bridge the giant tank drives onto. After shooting all the supports under the bridge, it collapses and Major Catastrophe falls into the river and sinks to the bottom, and Verdun is saved.

Although the Axis were now defeated in Verdun, the they still have the plans for the Doodlebug, and they were now preparing to build the aforcementioned bomb. The Allies then notice enemy movement in The Mines of the Matterhorn. While General Lucy, Rerun van Pelt and Franklin go to Verdon Gorge where Charlie Brown was being held prisoner at, Snoopy and Spy Sally get sent to The Mines of the Matterhorn to destroy an important shipment of parts that were needed to build the Doodlebug. After taking out their defenses under a radar dish, an armored train comes out of a tunnel carrying a shipment of unobtainium. Snoopy then flies after the train to stop from escaping. As he flies after it, Snoopy manages to destroy all of the train, from the train cars to the engine, stopping it from getting away, and forcing it's crew to surrender.

After accomplishing the first four missions at The Mines of Matterhorn, Snoopy had to then destroy a giant robotic drilling machine called, General Mayhem, that was building tunnels for navigation. As he flies after it through a mine tunnel, Snoopy succeeds to destroy General Mayhem entirely.

Meanwhile at Verdon Gorge, General Lucy, Rerun and Franklin get captured by the Red Baron's forces. Snoopy and gets sent to Verdon Gorge, and attacks the enemies. As he makes his way through the gorge, the Axis' aircraft carrier shows up and Snoopy had the destroy it. Snoopy again pulling Woodstock on the Woodstock Glider start their mission to sink the carrier. With directions from Officer Linus, Woodstock manages to shoot down the aircraft carrier's fighter planes it unleashes, destroy the two Bomber Reinforcements that arrive at the ship, sink U-Boats that were nearby it and shoot and destroy the carrier's guns. After shooting at the ship's weak spot, Woodstock manages to damage to aircraft carrier and it sinks to the bottom of the river. After the aircraft carrier was sunken however, the Red Baron then takes full command of the Axis and reveals his Flying Fortress which emerges out of the water and flies off as the Red Baron leaves to execute his plan. Snoopy and Woodstock then fly after the Flying Fortress.

As Snoopy follows the Flying Fortress, he manages to shoot down and get past the Red Baron's forces and he frees General Lucy, Rerun and Franklin, rescuing them. However, after rescuing the kidnapped pilots, the Red Baron chooses to engage in a dogfight himself. Rerun and Franklin were both stripped from their weapons, as the Red Baron's men disabled Franklin's plane's weapons and Rerun's plane got badly damaged when he got captured, so only Snoopy and General Lucy could face him. As the dogfight begins, the Red Baron succeeds to shoot down General Lucy destroying her plane. After General Lucy parachutes down, it was now all up to Snoopy to stop the Red Baron. As the dogfight continued, when Snoopy kept on shooting at the Red Baron's plane, the Red Baron decides to leave Snoopy with one final surprise. He reveals that the Doodlebug was finally finished and the Flying Fortress launches it to start heading towards Allied Turf, and Charlie Brown was strapped to it. Snoopy then flies after the Doodlebug in determine to rescue Charlie Brown. As Snoopy flies after it, Scientist Marcie fires up some turbo rings attached to balloons for Snoopy to fly through to extreme massive speed boosts, so he could catch up to the Doodlebug. After flying through enough of the turbo rings, Snoopy manages to catch up to the Doodlebug, and he shoots at and destroys it's supporting rockets, which causes Charlie Brown to wiggle out of the ropes and break free from the Doodlebug and parachute down to safety. After Charlie Brown is rescued and is now safe, Snoopy had to stop the Doodlebug and save the mainland. Snoopy had to shoot at the Doodlebug's nine fuel cells which he could find by shooting it's panels. Then after destroying the cells, it will release a power lock on the Doodlebug's nose, which will release the protective cover on the gyroscope. Then after destroying that tracking device, the Doodlebug will plunge safely into the ocean. As Snoopy shoots at the Doodlebug's panels, guns come out of it, revealing the Red Baron put guns on it while building it, since Scientist Marcie didn't design the Doodlebug to have guns on it. After Snoopy shoots and destroys the guns on the Doodlebug, and then shoots and destroys it's fuel cells, the Doodlebug's protective cover gets released and Snoopy had to now shoot and destroy the gyroscope. However, as soon as Snoopy shoots at the gyroscope, the Red Baron shows up and starts repairing it to try to prevent Snoopy from stopping the Doodlebug, so Snoopy had to shoot him down first. As Snoopy continued to shoot at the Red Baron, he succeeds to shot down and destroy his plane. After the Red Baron parachutes down as he's finally defeated, Snoopy shoots at the gyroscope and destroys it, and the Doodlebug falls into the ocean and explodes and the mainland is saved, and the Allies have won the war.

After Snoopy lands back at the aerodrome, the whole gang cheer for Snoopy as a celebration begins. Snoopy then hears Charlie Brown calling for him saying it's suppertime, and Snoopy then wakes up from his dream, as he finally made it to the end of his story he wrote in his novel. During the very last cut scene after the game credits, Charlie Brown and Linus watch Snoopy typing on his typewriter, and Charlie Brown explains that Snoopy might be now working on a sequel.

The Peanuts Movie

In the movie, the Red Baron first appears where Snoopy imagines that they meet up on a "dark and stormy night". He manages to outwit his rival, tricking him into nearly crashing his plane in the water before Snoopy can defeat him.

The Red Baron appears a second time where Snoopy and Fifi meet up the second time. The Red Baron makes his entrance by decimating Snoopy's boquet. Snoopy abandons his original goal of winning Fifi's heart to take him down, but victory is the Red Baron's due to his skill. To rub salt on Snoopy's wound, the Red Baron kidnaps Fifi on his plane while she tries to escape in her plane.

Snoopy and the Red Baron later clash above a Nazi camp, where Fifi is imprisoned on a blimp. Once again, the Red Baron wins, so Snoopy has to flee on foot.

The Red Baron appears for the final time with his squadron. He manages to down a few Allied Forces, but Woodstock turns the tables on him by sawing a hole in a wing with a screwdriver. Facing defeat, the Red Baron manages to land his plane safely while Snoopy returns home with Fifi, who is impressed by his and Woodstock's heroic acts.

The Red Baron also appears in toy form, where he causes chaos in his plane after being brought to life when Charlie Brown activates it on accident. The Red Baron finally crashes in the pond.

The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy's Grand Adventure

The Red Baron appears in the game The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy's Grand Adventure. He functions as the boss of the stage "Skies Above Paris". His stage is titled "Red Baron's Revenge".

During his boss battle, the Red Baron pilots off to the right. Snoopy trails behind him, trying to shoot down the Red Baron's plane. The Red Baron attacks by firing sprays of bullets from his plain and launching a homing missile.

Upon defeat, the Red Baron retreats, just like he did in the movie. This marks the second time the Red Baron loses in the entire franchise.


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