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That's right. A trap clever enough to catch a fox. Or should I say, a FOXHOUND? I am Red Blaster, and you're not going anywhere. My grenades will see to it that your death is slow...and painful.
~ Red Blaster mocking Solid Snake.

The Red Blaster is a Russian grenadier turned Zanzibar Land mercenary, and a minor antagonist of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.



Red Blaster was an elite assassin who had earned his special operations degree from the Patrice Lumumba University of the former Soviet Union. Serving as a Spetsnaz demolitions/explosives expert, Blaster was known for his expertly crafted traps and utilization of extremely powerful grenades. His main fighting style involved laying a trap using tripwires, and then throwing his RKG-3 antitank grenades at his target, while hiding behind cover. He was later join up with Zanzibar Land, presumably during the Mercenary War.

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

When Solid Snake entered the 30th floor of the Zanzibar Land tower, Red Blaster ambushed him as he left the elevator, and the two began to battle. Blaster had set up wired traps all over the room, which would restrict Snake's movements, leaving him open to attack by Blaster's grenades. Though Blaster's genius battle tactics, dangerous traps, and efficient grenades nearly defeated Snake, he used advice from George Kasler to outsmart him, ironically killing him with the very grenades he wielded.


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