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The Red Crayon Aristocrat Club is a small society made up of and run by the orphans of the Rose Garden Orphanage in the videogame Rule of Rose.

Their headquarters are located in the attic of the orphanage. Each club member has a title referring to them as a prince or princess and a red crayon, which is one of the club's symbol. Some members also have a rank title, which gives them a place in the pecking order and tells them how much power they have within the club.

The club members are unruly and unadulterated from normal society. Many of their methods can easily be seen as cruel and inhumane, such as their activities and punishments.

The Red Crayon Aristocrat Club never truly existed until Wendy introduced the orphans to the rumors of Stray Dog. Wendy said that Stray Dog lures kids out of the orphanage and then eats them up when it gets the chance. In fear of this, the other orphans agreed to do as Wendy said and thus, the Aristocrat Club was born. Supposedly, the Aristocrat Club's birth happened a little before Jennifer arrived.

The club would meet its end when Wendy brought in her rumored Stray Dog and had him kill the other orphans except for Jennifer (and possibly Clara) in a massacre. Wendy was also killed.

However, this isn't the end of the game: in fact, this is where the game begins... Years after Jennifer (now a grown woman) survived the horrid incident.

List of Members

  • Wendy
  • Diana
  • Eleanor
  • Meg
  • Thomas
  • Olivia
  • Xavier
  • Susan
  • Nicholas
  • Jennifer
  • Amanda


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