Oh, I'm hurt that you haven't heard of me, Arrow? But I guess you at least deserve to know the name of the woman who is going to kill you...They call me the Dart. The Red Dart.
~ Red Dart introducing herself to Green Arrow.

Red Dart is a DC Comics villain and enemy of the Green Arrow.


Red Dart is a woman armed with trick darts and a member of the Longbow Hunters, a team of villains assembled by Richard Dragon. She teamed with Brick and Killer Moth in an attempt to collect a three-million-dollar bounty on Green Arrow, which they intended to split three ways. Although the trio put up a considerable fight, they were defeated by Green Arrow and his half-sister, Emiko.

Other Versions

Midas Mallory (Earth-1)

The first Red Dart was Jonathan "Midas" Mallory, who donned a costume to become Star City's latest hero. He was later unveiled by Green Arrow and Speedy as a villain, and they therefore defeated him.

Unnamed (New Earth)

The second Red Dart was an unknown prisoner in Belle Reve who bought the name and equipment from the first Red Dart and started a mostly unsuccessful career. His greatest feat was the theft of Kyle Rayner's Green Lantern Ring (while Rayner was unconscious) in the middle of a prison riot and gave it to Prometheus to analyze, on the eve of Maggedon's attack. He returned later the ring, on Prometheus' orders.


Main article: Red Dart (Arrowverse)

Red Dart makes her live-action debut on the TV series Arrow, as a supporting antagonist in Season 7 alongside the other members of the Longbow Hunters, who are a trio of assassins working with crime lord, Ricardo Diaz.

She is portrayed by Holly Elissa.



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