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Red Death Mask (Japanese: レッドデスマスク), is a minor antagonist of the manga and the anime Tiger Mask.

He was voiced by Hiroaki Miura.


Red Death Mask it is a killer of Tiger's Den. He attacks the opponents of Tiger Mask with extreme violence and nearly kills them by sucking their blood. He is said to be the most evil wrestler in the world. Travel from one continent to another in search of wrestlers, in the company of a golden eagle, to end encounters in a sea of ​​blood. In the encounter with Tiger Mask he presents himself with a coffin. However, due to the violence of the fight, Death Mask awakens the Yellow Devil hidden in Tiger Mask and is defeated by the latter after a series of fatal blows and is reduced to death with two wooden planks stuck in his back. Eventually Naoto refuses to take his mask off.

However, in episode 067 of the animated series we see a man reduced to slavery who pulls a cart full of crates at the Tiger's Den and in the background in large format appears the silhouette of the Red Death Mask. From here we can guess that this man, although we are not given his generalities, is nothing but a poor soul  now enslaved for having failed in his task.

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