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So you want to dance with the Devil?
~ The Red Devil
It was a plan twenty years in the making and it worked.
~ The Red Devil reveals their identity.

The Red Devil is the main antagonist in Season 1 and a cameo antagonist in Season 2 of the FOX television series Scream Queens.

In The Final Girl(s), it is revealed that the Red Devil is Hester Ulrich and Boone Clemens, the twin babies from the bathtub. Pete Martinez also wore the disguise to assist them. Gigi Caldwell is revealed to be the mastermind behind the entire operation.

Stunts were portrayed by Riley Schmidt, Ilram Choi, Paul O'Connor, and Olga Wilhelmine.


In a flashback to a few months before the present-day events of the pilot, a girl named Melanie Dorkus is arguing with her soon to be successor Chanel Oberlin. The argument ends with Melanie sending Chanel away. Three other girls begin to spray tan Melanie after her order to make her look like Jada Pinkett Smith. As she is being spray-tanned, the tanning solution begins to severely burn her skin as someone had added hydrochloric acid to the tanning solution. As she falls to the floor and begins to writhe and scream in pain, the other three girls run out of the room terrified. Shortly afterward a person walks into the bathroom dressed in the university's Red Devil mascot costume and proceeds to watch her continue to writhe and scream in pain. It's implied that the Red Devil was the one who added the acid to the tanning solution.

Present Day


An unknown person in a Red Devil costume is seen spying on the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority by soon to pledge Grace Gardener who proceeds to follow the costumed killer until he or she has disappeared into the night.

The next night Chanel Oberlin is preparing to enact a prank to scare the pledges into treating her with respect by dipping the sorority housemaid Ms. Bean's head into the deep fryer. For the prank, the deep fryer was supposed to be off but it's implied that the Red Devil turned it back on. Chanel pushes Ms. Bean's head into the fryer not knowing it was on accidentally killing her. She then intimidates the girls into hiding the body in the walk-in freezer until it could be disposed of. It's implied that the Red Devil removes the body after everyone leaves as the body is gone when Chanel brings her boyfriend Chad to show him the body.

After deciding that she couldn't keep Ms. Bean's death a secret, Chanel #2 decides that she is just gonna go home. Leaving the other Channels, she goes to her room to pack. As she begins to pack, she receives a text message that says "Brave enough to open the door?". Scared she walks to the door and opens it to see the Red Devil killer standing in her doorway. The costumed person then texts her "So do you want to dance with the devil?" to which she replies "Maybe" thinking that it's just someone flirting with her. They begin to slow dance until the Red Devil texts her "I'm going to kill you now" causing a shocked Chanel #2 to reply "Wait, whaaaat???!".

The killer proceeds to stab her in the shoulder with a butcher knife, causing her to respond by kicking the killer who falls to the ground. Chanel #2 then crawls towards her desk, intent on reaching her laptop, updating her twitter status to a plea for help telling her twitter followers that a person in a Red Devil costume is stabbing her to death. She is then stabbed in the back of the head, killing her, though she resurrects long enough to hit send on her status update before falling back down dead. Her body is found shortly after by the other Channels, who think that Ms. Bean rose from the dead and killed Chanel #2.

Later on the same night, the pledges minus Grace, have been buried up to their necks in the Kappa yard. After a while, the buried pledges hear the sound of a lawnmower start and start to scream. However, the deaf pledge Tiffany mistakes their screams for them singing and begins to sing Shake It Off by Taylor Swift before realizing too late that the girls were screaming. The Red Devil proceeds to run over Tiffany's head with the riding lawnmower.

Hell Week

The next night the Red Devil sneaks back into the Kappa house to attack Chanel Oberlin by trying to throw her off her balcony. She fights off the Red Devil and runs out of her room screaming that a person in a Red Devil costume attacked her. Her screams draw the attention of newly hired security guard Denise who has been watching the house all day after Tiffany's murder was witnessed. The Red Devil costumed killer sneaks out of the house while the girls are distracted arguing with Denise. The killer then sneaks into the patrol car where Denise's partner Shondell is sleeping and proceeds to impale her through the throat with a butcher knife. Denise decided not to follow the girls back up the stairs where the killer was just at, runs back out to her car, and gets into the driver's seat, to find Shondell with the knife sticking through her throat. Denise then pushes the dead body of Shondell out of the car and drives away.

The Red Devil then sneaks into the Dollar Scholar Fraternity house and proceeds to kill fraternity member Boone. Boone is discovered with his throat slashed on the dinner table surrounded by candles.

At the end of the episode, the Red Devil is shown walking into the morgue and opening up a drawer. Inside the drawer is Boone who is revealed to be alive, asking "What took you so long?" as he takes off the fake slashed throat.


The Red Devil is next seen sneaking up on a student named Aaron Cohen, the person inside the new university mascot Coney the Cone, in his dorm room. After a brief struggle, Red Devil finally overpowers Aaron and decapitates him through his mascot costume with a chainsaw.

Later that night the members of the Dickie Dollar Scholar fraternity decide to get some payback against the Red Devil and go out to look for the costumed killer. After finally taking the bait, the Red Devil himself or herself be seen. As the Dollar Scholars approach the Red Devil, they hear another chainsaw start-up and look behind themselves to see that there is another person in a Red Devil costume. After a brief fight takes place where the Red Devils saw through each bat that is swung at them, one of them knocks down Chad Radwell and is about to go in for the kill when another member of the frat named Caulfield screams "Chad Radwell" and goes in to protect him. Caulfield swings the bat at the Red Devil, only to have his arm holding the bat sawed off. He then picks up the bat with his remaining arm and again swings the bat at the killer only to have his other arm sawed off. The Red Devil then sets the chainsaw down and hits Caulfield in the head with the bat. The Red Devil then picks the chainsaw back up and walks away into the night with the other Red Devil.

One of the Red Devils makes their way to the Kappa house and attacks Gigi Caldwell as she tries to sleep on the couch. Hearing the commotions from outside, Wes Gardner rushes in to help Gigi. As he makes his way into the door, he is sawed in the arm slightly by the Red Devil. Using that distraction, Gigi dropkicks the killer behind the couch. As they go to look behind the couch to unmask the killer they find that the killer had escaped.

Haunted House

Through unknown means, the Red Devil had found former Kappa member Mandy Greenwell. As she watches her movie, she hears a knock on the door and goes to see who it is. Seeing that no one there, she goes back inside and used a chair as a door block. She goes back to watch her movie as someone begins to shake her trailer scaring her into trying to find a place to hide. As she backs up, she bumps into something and turns around to see that its a person in a Red Devil costume. She screams in terror as the person raises the knife, and her screams continue as she is continually stabbed off-screen. The next day the Red Devil poses the bodies of five or his or her victims in the Shady Lane house, and then texts Chad Radwell and Hester Ulrich, making them think that they texted each other to meet at the house. But when they figure out that neither of them gave their numbers to each other, they go into the house anyways. Hester finds a bedroom to have sex with Chad in, and thinking that someone had made a replica of Ms. Bean's dead body out of wax, she touches it, only for her fingers to sink into the skin and realize that it was Ms. Bean's body. Chad bumps into the murphy bed as he freaks out, causing Shondell's body to tumble onto the floor, causing Chad and Hester to flee the room. As they run down the stairs to the basement, they find the dead body of the school's new mascot nailed up to the wall, and turn to run into a room to hide, only to find the room occupied by Chanel #2's body. They then run out the back door, only to see Mandy's body hanging from the roof in front of the back door, the two flee the house out the backdoor anyway. Later that night as Zayday, Grace, Pete, and Earl Grey search for the dead bodies that everyone is talking about, they see Mr. Bean and Shondell in the bedroom. Zayday continues to search for bodies as she calls the police, finding Coney's nailed to the wall and Mandy's hanging in front of the back door. As she argues with the police operator about her not making a fake call, she is grabbed by the Red Devil.

Pumpkin Patch

The Red Devil opens a latch in his or her lair, revealing Zayday, who is being held captive. As she begins to scream for help, the Red Devil closes the latch.

Later on the next night, Chanel #5 is sent to set up the Pumpkin Patch maze all by herself, as a punishment for conspiring against Chanel. She brings along twin brothers Roger and Dodger to keep her safe as she heads into the maze to set up the pumpkins. As she is setting up, the Red Devil approaches her from behind with a pair of hedge shears. She turns around and screams as the killer gets closer, causing Roger and Dodger to come to her and rescue her. As they are running through the maze to safety, the brothers make her choose between them. She argues that it's not the best of times to have that discussion, but they pressure her to make a choice. She chooses Roger. Roger and she then run in one direction while an upset Dodger runs in a different one. Chanel #5 notices that they're leaving footprints in the fake snow that will make it easy for the Red Devil to track them down. They then try walking back through their footprints, and Roger shouts to Dodger that he should do the same. As Dodger attempts to backtrack through his footprints he trips and falls. As he attempts to get back up, the Red Devil approaches him with the hedge shears. He begins to scream for Roger to save him, as Roger and Chanel #5 reach the exit of the maze. Roger attempts to go back and save Dodger, but Chanel #5 stops him. Dodger continues to scream, as he is gutted with the hedge shears off-screen. The Red Devil then walks away as the camera pans down to Dodger's dead body.

Grace Gardner forms a search party to find Zayday, consisting of her father Wes, boyfriend Pete, Gigi Caldwell, and Denise Hemphill. Together they find the Red Devil's lair. However, the Red Devil shuts the power off leaving them in complete darkness. In the dark, the Red Devil attempts to attack Gigi and Denise, but Gigi manages to tase him or her. Denise goes to tell the others that they captured the Red Devil. However, when they get back to where the Red Devil was at, Gigi tells them that the Red Devil hit her on the head with a baseball bat and escaped down a laundry shoot.

Meanwhile, at the Kappa house, Chanel starts the presidential vote hoping to win because of Zayday and Grace not being there. As she begins, Zayday shows up and tells everyone the story of her capture and escape. She tells them that the Red Devil brought her up from the hatch, gave her roses, and served her favorite food to her, which he or she through some unknown means figured out. She tells them that she stabbed the Red Devil in the hand with a fork and escaped.

Later on, Gigi is walking alone as someone begins to trail behind her. She hides behind a beam and waits for them to catch up. She then approaches the person, revealed to be the Red Devil, telling him or her that they're late. She goes on to reprimand the Red Devil for the way things spiraled out of control with Zayday. She then orders an unknown man's death, then walks away to get to her date with Wes.

Seven Minutes in Hell

During a slumber party that Zayday and Grace had planned to figure out the identity of the killer, the housing security is hacked by the Red Devil, trapping the girls in the girls in the house. Chanel calls her boyfriend Chad Radwell, who himself is bringing the guys from the Dollar Scholar frat on a panty raid of the Kappa house, to come and save them. He agrees to come and get them out. Once they reach the Kappa house, Chad sets a latter against the window and climbs up it. Chanel, happy to be rescued says that if he saves her, she'll be his forever, causing him to stop in his tracks. He demands that she take the forever part back before he saves her, and she says that she'll be his for the amount of time he deems appropriate. He then breaks the window and climbs in. As he looks out, he notices the Red Devil approaching and tells the other guys to hurry up the ladder. Earl Grey and Roger make it up the ladder and through the window. As Caulfield, who is now armless due to an earlier encounter with the Red Devil, attempts to climb up the ladder, the ladder is tipped over by the Red Devil, causing him and the ladder to fall. The Red Devil then proceeds to chop into his stomach twice with an ax before decapitating him with the same ax.

Later on that night, everyone begins to play truth or dare. Grace asks Sam what Chanel #3's deepest darkest secret is, and Sam reveals that Chanel #3's father is Charles Manson. Angered that Sam broke her trust and revealed that secret, Chanel #3 dares Sam to go into the basement and lay in the tub. As Sam walks into the basement, she asks if anyone else is down there, and says she doesn't like to be jumped out at. She sees the bathtub and approaches it. As she reaches it, the Red Devil pushes her to the ground causing her to hit her head on the tub. The Red Devil then picks her up and places her into the tub. Sam then requests that before she dies, the Red Devil reveals his or her true identity to her, which the Red Devil obliges. Sam then pleads that the Red Devil doesn't have to kill her, that she could help, to no avail as the Red Devil suffocates her with a piece of plastic sheeting.

A little later on, after almost being caught coming on to Chad, who has gotten over his attraction to her, Hester makes an unseen trip to the basement. While that's going on, the other girls being to play Seven Minutes in Heaven, starting with Chanel and Chad. Towards the end of their turn, they hear a scream from the basement and go to see what's going on. Hester reveals that she has found Sam's dead body in the tub and Chanel accuses her of being the killer. During that time, Chanel #5 and Roger are having their turn in the closet. Roger reveals to Chanel #5 that he feels a little relieved that Dodger is dead, saying that they've never spent a moment apart since their birth. He goes on to say that he's sad that they'll never be able to use their secret clicking language again though, before realizing that he could just teach Chanel #5 the language. As he begins to teach her, she notices the Red Devil approaching him from behind. The Red Devil then proceeds to kill Roger by shooting him three times in the head with a nail gun. The Red Devil then unloads the rest of the nails in the gun into Roger's face after he's fallen to the ground, dead. The Red Devil then glances at Chanel #5 and leaves. Chanel #5 then screams, and everyone rushes up to see what's going on. Chad sees Roger's body and is devastated. Chanel accuses Chanel #5 of being the killer since she was alone with Roger when the murder happened. She then accuses both Hester and Chanel #5 of working together killing people, before accusing Pete of not even being there when the killings happened. She then reveals that there are secret tunnels that only the sorority presidents know about, that the killer could be using. Zayday volunteers to go down and search the tunnel for a way out. Chanel volunteers to go with her.

As Zayday and Chanel make their way through the tunnels, they are attacked by the Red Devil. As they run away, Zayday trips and falls to the ground, as she gets up and tries to run, the killer blocks her way with an ax, then as she turns towards the other direction, the killer blocks her way with another ax. However, the Red Devil is knocked out with a pan from behind by Chanel, letting her and Zayday make their escape.

The next day, Dean Munsch says that the killings have taught her one thing, that only the Kappas and people associated with the Kappas are being targeted by the Red Devil. She goes onto say that she's glad that she can tell parents that as long as their child isn't in Kappa or associated with Kappa, they're safe.

That same evening, the girls have bonded through the experience, and decide to dance to songs from a playlist. As Hester shouts "KAPPA", the Red Devil can be seen peering through the window.

Beware of Young Girls

Gigi can be seen receiving a call from one of the Red Devils, in which she makes it known how angry she is that the person who she ordered the Red Devil to kill hasn't been killed. She then tells the person on the phone that they are not kidnappers, they are killers bent on revenge, and that anyone of them that stray from that need to be killed, and that she wants the person who's death she ordered in "Pumpkin Patch" killed.

Also, Dean Munsch used the Red Devil's killing spree to murder her ex-husband and frame his death on the girl he left her for, Feather McCarthy.

Mommie Dearest

Dean Munsch is shown in her bathroom getting ready to take a shower. As she begins to soap up, the door can be seen opening and the Red Devil can be seen approaching the shower with a knife. However, Dean Munsch is not in the shower, having anticipated being attacked. She proceeds to slam the Red Devil into the shower rod and then into the bathtub. Once he is laying on the floor, she runs out to dial the police. However, the automated message is too long and it gives the Red Devil time to get up and attack her again. She moves towards the fireplace and grabs the poker. As the Red Devil approaches her, she begins to stroke him with the poker until he again falls to the floor. Cathy then drops the poker and runs to the door, only to open it and have her exit blocked by another Red Devil who is carrying an ax. Cathy mentions that two on one isn't fair, and then a third person approaches her, dressed in a Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia costume. Cathy mentions that during her junior year of college, she dated a "beautiful Eurasian man" and in exchange for teaching him to make love, he taught her to fight. She then proceeds to take on all three of the masked killers, knocking all three of them to the ground before the one in the Justice Scalia costume tries to attack her again. She then shoves the Scalia costumed killer into the wall and proceeds to punch the killer repeatedly in the face as she criticizes the real Justice Scalia's political stances. All three killers flee, having not been able to kill Cathy.

The next evening, Jennifer is seen making her candle vlog. As she is ranting about poor customer service she's received at a candle store in the mall, she is stabbed in the head by one of the Red Devil killers. Jennifer's body is found on the dining room table surrounded by candles, with candle wax on her head. With Jennifer's death, Dean Munsch is forced to shut down all activity on the Wallace University campus.

At the end of the episode, an alive and disguised Boone is seen at a gym. Being mistaken for Joaquin Phoenix, he ends up signing a couple of autographs. As he begins to work out he receives a call from one of the Red Devils. He complains about Gigi ruining their brand with her unpredictable behavior, like dressing in the Justice Scalia costume. He then says she's the one who needs to be killed.

Ghost Stories

After Denise tells the Channels a ghost story (called the red cape), she enters a stall in the house and sees red toilet paper on her left and blue on her right. The Red Devil's hands appear at the top of the other stall, Denise looks up and sees the killer peeking over, she screams as the killer climbs over. There's a struggle as the killer grabs Denise by her hair and tries to dunk her head in the toilet, but she manages to fight back, causing the killer to bang their head and Denise to escape.

When Earl is walking towards the Kappa house with things for Zayday, the Red Devil appears behind him and stabs him the back. He falls to the ground and rolls over on his back. The killer takes off their mask to reveal themselves as Boone before Earl slowly dies.

After hearing about Earl, Chanel #5 says it's not safe and leaves. When driving, a truck is heard honking their horn many times behind her until she reaches a gas station and pulls over. The truck driver gets out of his truck and #5 kicks him in the groin. He tells her that he saw someone in her backseat and he would flash his lights and honk his horn to make him hide. They walk over and see the backseat empty. Out of nowhere, the killer appears behind him and stabs him with a machete as #5 screams and rushes to her car and drives away while the Red Devil finishes the trucker off.

As the episode, Gigi meets with Boone and the Red Devil and Boone tells her it's time to go, the Red Devil pulls out a knife and raises it in the air as Gigi screams. Instead of killing Gigi however, the Red Devil suddenly turns to Boone and stabs him in the chest. A shocked and horrified Boone stares at the Red Devil and falls to the ground dead.


Gigi and the Red Devil are seen in a hotel room, Gigi complains about not being with Wes. There's a knock on the door and Gigi answers for room service, the bell boy sees the Red Devil and looks confused and she asks him for a carving knife. She and the killer look at the meal and are disappointed to see it's small, but she thanks the Red Devil for joining her for Thanksgiving. She asks them to carve the meal.

In the end, Chanel #5 brings in the turkey and says it's heavier than she thought. She puts it on the table and Chanel thanks everyone for joining her for Thanksgiving and reveals the turkey, everyone screams as Gigi's severed head is on the platter instead of the turkey.

Black Friday

When the Chanels are in the mall, they find it empty and all the lights go out. They find an exit, Chanel #5 finds a door but it's chained on the outside, she tries to squeeze through but can't, Chanel, Chanel #3 and Hester scream as #5 turns around and sees the Red Devil behind and she screams and they run down the escalator. They turn and see the Red Devil and see a half-closed shutter and run towards it and go under, but Chanel stays behind thinking the killer is Dean Munsch. When face to face, she gets shot in the shoulder with a crossbow, causing her to shriek and cry in pain. When the killer reloads and aims, Denise and two cops appear. While Denise talks too much, the killer shoots one of the cops and escapes.

When Pete is packing, he receives a call from an unknown caller and tells them he's leaving and so should he. He also looks at the Red devil costume, hinting that he is involved. At the end of the episode, Grace tells Pete she's finally ready to have sex with him, but this time, Pete refuses. He tells her "I don't want your first time to be with a murderer".


In flashbacks we see Pete donning the Red Devil costume killing Roger (Pete admits he didn't know if it was Roger or Dodger, stating the two were hard to tell apart) with the nail gun. He then admits to being the one in the costume who killed Boone, in an attempt to end the conspiracy/revenge plot. He also admits to being a part of the conspiracy to bring down the horrors of the American Greek system. Pete also tells Grace that she is safe from the killers because being their half-sister they don't want to kill her. He goes on to explain that he was also the killer at the mall and had killed the mall cop in self-defense, Pete then says he took DNA from everyone in the KKT house to discover who Boone's twin and the other killer is. As he's about to reveal who she is, the Red Devil bursts out of the closet and stabs Pete in the back of the neck, killing him. The Red Devil then knocks out Grace after a brief struggle.

A pizza man is forced into the Red Devil costume with TNT strapped to his person, in an attempt to kill all the girls in the house at once. He is quickly subdued by the girls after he stops and is scared by the snake Chanel was attempting to kill herself with. He tells the girls he's going to explode and that he was attacked by someone in the costume, forced to wear it, and then covered in explosives. The timer on his suit counts down from 5, stops for a second when it hits zero but then is blown completely apart. Strangely though, not destroying the cape or the mask.

The Final Girl(s)

The beginning of the episode starts one month past the events at the KKT house, January 2016. It shows the remaining survivors of the house being Grace, Zayday, and Hester. Upon seeing Hester it goes into her voice-over monologue of how she was able to successfully place the blame of her self-inflicted attack on the Chanels. We discover that the female baby in the bathtub was Hester all along and she is the other Red Devil. A flashback ensues showing Hester's life in the asylum and determination of the plan. Gigi raised Hester and Boone to become killers at a young age and when they got old enough they finally put the plan into motion. Boone faked being gay, while Hester faked her neck brace. While Gigi and Hester are sitting in a café, the Wallace University mascot, the Red Devil, walks in to make an announcement. This gives the two of them an idea. Later that night, Gigi kills him and they take the costume.

Hester manages to frame the Chanels for the murders, and we see how she pulled off some of the stunts. She and Boone are the ones who poured acid into Melanie's spray tan and she is the one who turned on the fryer that resulted in Ms. Bean's death. She also purchased most of the Red Devil equipment, while under the guise of Chanel.

Warts and All

The Red Devil appears at C.U.R.E Institute Hospital to scare Chanel, but it turns out to be Chad playing a prank on her. It is also revealed that Chad was the Red Devil who attacked Chanel in the asylum at the end of The Final Girl(s), playing a prank on her.

Drain the Swamp

Chanel Oberlin is now a TV doctor in a new television show called "Lovin the C". She enters a car, and inside, she finds a ring that has the words "KKT" as in Kappa Kappa Tau. While Chanel looks at this in confusion, the lights turn on and a new Red Devil is revealed to be in the backseat, and when Chanel sees them in the mirror, she screams, leaving her fate unknown.

Known Red Devils

Hester Ulrich

Hester is the true mastermind behind the Red Devil killings and the one who set the plan in motion. She is the final Red Devil, after all of the others are killed, and the one who gets away with it all. Her known victims are Melanie Dorkus (indirectly/planner), Agatha Bean (indirectly), Gigi Caldwell, Pete Martinez, and Zak.

Boone Clemens

Boone is the muscle of the Red Devil killings and the one directly behind most of the murders. He is the first Red Devil to be revealed, only to be killed by their ally Pete, who was pretending to be Hester. His known victims are Melanie Dorkus, Chanel #2/Sonya Herfmann, Tiffany DeSalle, Shondell Washington, Aaron Cohen, Mandy Greenwell, Dodger, Caulfield Mount Herman, Sam, Jennifer, Earl Grey, and the Truck Driver.

Pete Martinez

Pete is an ally to the two main Red Devils. He only killed a few people in the operation, but no one whom he thought didn't deserve it, except the cop. He is killed by the final Red Devil after attempting to reveal her identity to Grace. His known victims are Roger, Boone Clemens, and the Mall Policeman.

Gigi Caldwell

Gigi is the original mastermind behind the Red Devil killings and the one who led Hester and Boone on the path for killing, wanting revenge for her sister's death. Gigi taught Boone and Hester everything they know. She is the only member of the team to not have donned the Red Devil costume, as for as fans know. Her known victims are Red Devil Mascot.


Names in bold are deceased.

  • Red Devil Mascot: Stabbed to death to obtain his costume. He is the first victim. (Gigi)
  • Melanie Dorkus: Poured hydrochloric acid in a spray tan machine and burned her skin off. Her current status is alive. (Boone and Hester)
  • Agatha Bean: Turned on the deep fryer and Chanel accidentally burned her face off. (Hester)
  • Chanel #2: Stabbed in the shoulder and head with a butcher knife. (Boone)
  • Tiffany DeSalle: Decapitated with a lawnmower. (Boone)
  • Shondell Washington: Stabbed through the throat with a butcher knife. (Boone)
  • Aaron Cohen: Decapitated with a chainsaw. (Boone)
  • Mandy Greenwell: Stabbed multiple times with a butcher knife. (Boone)
  • Dodger: Gutted with hedge shears. (Boone)
  • Caulfield: Axed in the stomach twice and then decapitated with the ax. (Boone)
  • Sam: Suffocated with a plastic sheet. (Boone)
  • Roger: Nailed three times in the head with a nail gun and then a bunch of nails is unloaded into his face. (Pete)
  • Jennifer: Stabbed in the head with a butcher knife. (Boone)
  • Earl Grey: Stabbed in the back with a butcher knife. (Boone)
  • Truck Driver: Stabbed in the back of his body with a machete. (Boone)
  • Boone Clemens: Stabbed in the chest with a knife. (Pete)
  • Gigi Caldwell: Head sliced off with an electric carving knife and placed on a platter. (Hester)
  • Mall Policeman: Shot in the face with a crossbow. (Pete)
  • Pete Martinez: Stabbed in the back and chest with a butcher knife. (Hester)
  • Zak - Pizza Delivery Man: Blown up from dynamite strapped to him. (Hester)


  • Butcher Knife: Uses it to kill Chanel #2, Shondell, Mandy Greenwell, Jennifer, Earl, and Pete.
  • Hydrochloric Acid:: Burns Melanie Dorkess' skin off by mixing it with her tanning spray.
  • Lawn Mower: Decapitates Tiffany by driving over her head.
  • Chainsaw: Uses it to decapitate Aaron Cohen and cut off Caufield's arms.
  • Night Vision Goggles: Wears them to stalk the Kappas in the dark in Pumpkin Patch.
  • Hedge Shears: Used them to gut Dodger.
  • Ax: Uses it to hit Caulfield in the stomach twice and then decapitate him. She also uses two of them to block Zayday Williams's way when she tries to run from him or her.
  • Plastic Sheeting: Uses it to suffocate Sam with.
  • Nail Gun: Uses it to kill Roger by shooting him three times in the head, and then unloads a bunch of nails in his face after he's dead.
  • Knife: Uses it to kill Boone.
  • Machete: Uses it to kill a Truck Driver.
  • Electric Carving Knife: Uses it to decapitate Gigi.
  • Crossbow: Uses it to shoot Chanel in the shoulder and kill a Mall Policeman.
  • Dynamite: Used to blow up a Pizza Delivery Man.



  • Multiple people wore the costume, including three of the stunt performers, Paul O'Connor, Olga Wilhelmine and Ilram Choi, and the main actor behind the mask, Riley Schmidt.
    • Paul O'Connor was the main Red Devil Stunt Double. He did the scenes where he killed Chanel #2, knocked out Pete in the office, killed Coney, fought with Gigi in the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority house, did the two Red Devil fight scene with the Dicky Dollar Scholars, cut Caulfield's arms off, killed Caulfield with the axe, and knocked down the christmas tree after killing the mall cop.
    • Olga Whilimene was The Lady Red Devil. She did the scenes where she killed Boone, had Thanksgiving dinner with Gigi, killed Pete, had the fight scene with Grace, and knocked out Zak the Pizza Guy.
    • Ilram Choi was one of the Red Devil Stunt Performers. He did the fight scene with Dean Munch where there are three killers, flipped in the doorway, and attacked Denise in the bathroom.
    • Riley Schmidt was the main actor behind the mask and did simple scenes like running, walking, and working with prop knives and did anything comfortable if the stunt coordinator allowed it or if the stunt coordinator demanded it.
      • Riley Schmidt also also portrays the Rubber Man in American Horror Story, a show also created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.
  • The Red Devil costume took 5 months to create.
  • The Red Devil was formerly the mascot of Wallace University, but Gigi Caldwell killed the person wearing the costume and then stole the costume. The Red Devil was later replaced by Coney as the school mascot.
  • In Chainsaw, it is revealed that there are two Red Devils. This is later revealed to be Boone and Hester.
  • In Pumpkin Patch, it is revealed that Gigi Caldwell holds a place of authority with them.
  • In Season Two, the Red Devil is replaced by the Green Meanie.
  • In Warts and All, it is revealed that Chad Radwell was the asylum Red Devil. He snuck in into the costume to scare Chanel and he did the same again when she was at the hospital.
  • In Drain the Swamp, as Chanel enters her car and sees an old Kappa Kappa Taur ring from her college years, the Red Devil once again appears behind her and screams in horror before the screen turns black. Due to the sudden cancellation of the series, it is left unclear whether Chanel survived or not, nor who this Red Devil might be. Even if it were Grace, who somehow escaped the asylum and wants to get revenge on Chanel, it is completely unknown.