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The Red Goblin is the latest incarnation of the infamous Norman Osborn from Marvel comics and can be considered an upgraded form of his equally notorious Green Goblin persona. Using a combination of his Goblin Formula and Carnage symbiote genetics he has effectively become a "super-symbiote" with all the abilities of a symbiote and "Goblin" but very few of their weaknesses.

As such, he is a major villain in the Spider-Verse, befitting of Osborn's status as one of Spider-Man's oldest and most recurring enemies in the Marvel universe.


In his pursuit to regain his Green Goblin persona, Norman Osborn sent two of his henchmen to recover the Carnage symbiote which was held captive within an old temple. The symbiote was brought before Norman and it quickly bonded with him before trying to assert dominance over its new host. However, Osborn managed to convince the symbiote that it would savor death if he remained in control. Norman then had the Carnage symbiote remove the nanites in his body that prevented him from becoming the Green Goblin again.

After rediscovering Spider-Man's true identity, the Green Goblin attacked the Daily Bugle and told Peter Parker to call his "friend" Spider-Man to stop him. Spider-Man eventually arrived at the scene and fought the Goblin while Daily Bugle staff evacuated the building. The battle resulted in Spider-Man being caught in an explosion and seemingly injured, which left him at the Green Goblin's mercy. Norman thanked Spider-Man for being his enemy and revealed he knew of his true identity before transforming into the Red Goblin. The Goblin then gave Peter an ultimatum, either retire from being Spider-Man or his loved ones will suffer.

Powers and Abilities

The Red Goblin is an enhanced version of Goblin Formula user, merged with a symbiote - as such he has numerous abilities that combine both Goblin and symbiote physiology.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Durability
  • Regeneration
  • Superhuman-Reflexes/Agility
  • Shape-Shifting
  • Spider-Sense Immunity (due to being "born" of Carnage the Red Goblin cancels out Spider-Man's "spider-sense")
  • Immunity to Sonic Attacks (unlike other symbiotes the Red Goblin can resist sonic attacks)
  • Immunity to Fire Attacks (unlike other symbiotes the Red Goblin can resist flame attacks)


  • The Red Goblin persona marks the third of Osborn's mainstream personas, though it is basically run on the same motives as his usual Green Goblin persona - yet much more powerful.