Too late, already damned.
~ The Red Haired Witch to Lucas.

The Red Haired Witch is one of the secondary antagonists in the 2013 film Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. She is one of Muriel's primary assistants, along with the Horned Witch. As her name suggests, she is defined by her red hair.

She was portrayed by Joanna Kulig.


The Red Haired Witch took part in Muriel's scheme to gain an immunity to fire. On orders from Muriel, the Red Haired Witch and the Horned witch abducted twelve children to use for the Blood Moon Sabbath. Using an extra child, the witches tested the potion to make the witches immune to fire. The potion made the Horned Witch temporarily immune to fire, but it wore off.

After the Horned Witch was captured, the Red Haired Witch joined Muriel in attacking the village to rescue her and capture the final child. The Red Haired Witch was sent to capture Mary Behlmer, the assigned child, murdering her mother in the process. The Red Haired Witch captured Mary and dragged her to Edward, a troll, to be escorted out of the village. She fought with Hansel and knocked him unconscious in the forest.

The Red Haired Witch took part in the Blood Moon Sabbath, as the witches attempted to sacrifice Gretel and the captured children. However, Hansel interrupted the sacrifice, demanding that Gretel and the children be released. Muriel ordered the Red Haired Witch to dispose of Hansel. However, as she prepared to battle him, she was unexpectedly blown apart by Hansel's gun.


Much like her leader, the Red Haired Witch is very sadistic, shown when she forces Mary's brother Lucas to kill their mother via telekinesis. She takes pride in being a witch, gloating about being "damned" to Lucas. She had a sense of anxiety, though, showing concern that Muriel's plan to make the witches immune to fire wouldn't work. She took sadistic glee in tormenting her enemies, and showed confidence in her abilities. However, in spite of this, she was easily dispatched by Hansel during the Blood Moon Sabbath.


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