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Red King is a powerful ancient kaiju that has appeared as an antagonist several times throughout the Ultraman franchise. He is one of the most recurring monsters of the franchise.



Red King was discovered by a team of scientists on the remote Tatara Island. The undisputed, brutal ruler of the place, it was spotted by the SSSP fighting Chandora. After defeating him, Red King turned its attention to the SSSP, unleashing an avalanche of rocks which killed Pigmon, a friendly monster the SSSP was traveling with. Ultraman then appeared and fought Red King, defeating and paralyzing the giant monster.


A second Red King, named Red King II, later appeared in episode 25, where it devoured the six missing hydrogen bombs the SSSP was looking for. Ultraman fought against the beast but was unable to use his Specium Ray against Red King as it would detonate the H-bombs lodged in its throat. Ultraman eventually opted to slash off Red King's head and neck before flying into space and allowing the hydrogen bombs to detonate away from humanity.

Ultraman 80

A third Red King, dubbed Red King III, was wished into being by the genie Marjin. It began rampaging through a city until it was destroyed by Ultraman 80 with his Saxcium Ray.

Ultraman Mebius

Red King was revived and possessed by Gadiba. He attacked a valley, prompting Mirai to transform into Ultraman Mebius to fight him. Mebius destroys the Red King, but Gadiba emerges from its body and transforms it into Gomora. However, Gomora is destroyed too.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Red King appeared as one of the members of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army. He ended up being killed by Ultraman Zero.


  • Red King's suit would later be modified for Aboras, and later for Red King II.
  • Red King's roar is one of the most recognizable sound effects of the Ultra franchise. His roar was combined from Godzilla's own roar and Gaira's roar.
  • Red King II is sometimes called Red King Jr, implying the first Red King may have had a son.
  • A monster from Return of Ultraman, Black King, was meant to be Red King's brother at first.
  • Red King was originally the intended to be "king of monsters" and the main antagonist of Ultraman back when it was still in development as "Redman".