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The Red Kings are a minor group of antagonists in the 2007 video game Manhunt.


Little is known about the history of The Red Kings. When they first appear, they are shown ripping the nose off of a civilian with a pair of pliers who then dies of blood loss. Another is shown being beaten to death by the police.

They only appear in the mission "Red Light", Leo Kasper leads Daniel Lamb into the red light district in order to find Daniel's old hide-out at a run down porn theater to find out more about Daniel's Past. The Red Light district is guarded by the Red Kings, Cottonmouth police, The Pervs, and The Watchdogs.

It's unknown if Daniel Lamb killed all the members of the Red Kings or not, but if any did survive, they would've most likely be arrested for their crimes after Daniel gets his new life and his freedom.


Given their name, The Red Kings always dress in clothing with at least one piece of clothing that is red.

In the beta version of the game, The Red Kings would have been seen with Luchadore styled wrestling masks, black and white camo pants, and heavy jackets.





  • They are rivals with an unknown gang called "The Lizards". According to one of the Red Kings, they get into fights with them frequently and they usually get out of hand.
  • Some of the Red Kings are Necrophiliacs. If one of them manages to kill the player, they will either say "Thank god I'm a necrophiliac!" or "Let the loving commence!".
  • Some models of the Red Kings only appear in the Nintendo Wii version of the game, such as a Red King who wears a baseball cap over his jacket's hoodie.
  • Voice actors for the Red Kings include:
    • James Biberi
    • Karl Bury
  • In the single mission they appear in, six Red Kings are killed. Daniel Lamb kills five and two police officers kill one.
    • The Red Kings also have the least amount of confirmed kills out of any group of hunters in both games, not counting those who don't have any, with only one.

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