The Red Queen is one of the three main antagonists in SteamWorld Heist.


SteamWorld Heist

The Red Queen was the leader of the diesel-driven Royal Space Force that wanted to rebuild the Earth after it's destruction, however she was later driven by the past and went to collect items from it. The Red Queen captured Vectron and presumed to have tortured it.

She was only mentioned by the Steambots and the Scrappers at first, even after a Commander and some Soldiers took over a bar known as Lola's.

When Piper's crew came to her, the Red Queen, she was shown to put up a fight as well as even brought Copperback and Ace to help her in the fight. She was later defeated, which lead to Captain Piper Faraday to free Vectron.

She was also mentioned by some Royalists in a DLC level.

Powers and Abilities

The Red Queen was shown to wield two guns and can be shown to teleport. She can also arguably summon Royalists to help her in battle.


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