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The Red Visors are troopers acting under the command of Unagami, and serve as minor antagonists in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, appearing as major antagonists in Season 12: Prime Empire. They look like robots and use guns.


When Milton Dyer and the Vast Industries made the Prime Empire, they made the Red Visors for that game that players had to destroy while playing the game. But when Scott tested the game, and disappeared, the company panicked and stopped developing the game. Over the years, Unagami pre-programmed the game himself, and with the help of the Mechanic, began abducting players playing the Prime Empire inside the game so he could get to Ninjago and search for Milton Dyer. And for that, he had to build a gate with the help of players who turned into energy cubes, and he used the Red Visors and other subjects of his army in it. When the Ninja got inside the Prime Empire, Unagami sent the Red Visors to attack them and also prevented them from getting the Key-Tanas. When Unagami completed the gate, he launched an attack on Ninjago with the Red Visors and his other minions with the intent of finding Milton Dyer and holding him accountable for trying to shut down Unagami. But during the attack, Dyer manages to reconcile with Unagami, and after that, Unagami releases all the players imprisoned in the Prime Empire, and then the Red Visors and other villains in the game return back to the Prime Empire.



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