The Red Wings are the elite air force of the Baron Empire and the main antagonistic force of the videogame Final Fantasy IV.


Under the command of Cecil Harvey, the Red Wings attacked the peaceful village of Mystidia to claim the Water Crystal. However, wondering why the King of Baron would order them to attack a peaceful village, Cecil made his protests known to the King, who promptly dismissed him as captain of the Red Wings.

Leadership of the Red Wings was later given to a mysterious man named Golbez, who made Cecil's brainwashed friend Kain Highwind his second-in-command. The Red Wings clashed with Cecil several times during their quest to gather Crystals, the -ex-captain having vowed to oppose the Baron Empire after he was tricked by the king into destroying a peaceful village. Later on, Cecil's party infiltrates Baron Castle and discovers that the real King of Baron was killed by Cagnazzo of the Elemental Archfiends under Golbez's orders, and that the King of Baron seen throughout most of the game was really Cagnazzo in disguise. The heroes kill Cagnazzo and free the kingdom of Baron from Golbez's grip, though the Red Wings continued to serve Golbez, acting autonomously from the kingdom of Baron in their search for the Crystals.

The Red Wings were eventually destroyed by Cid when he blows them up with a bomb while they were chasing the Enterprise through the Underground.


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