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Red Xenomorphs, also known by the name Red Aliens, are mutated versions of the original Xenomorphs. Their goal is to terminate Xenomorphs from existing, take their land and make their own colony, as they would name it "The Red Army". The Red Xenomorphs look totally the same as a regular Xenomorph, only having the difference is their skin is entirely red colored.


After the first Queen Mother was killed in the Earth War, Xenomorph's hive world fell into chaos, Due to the Loss of the Queen Mother.Queen Mother's Elite Guards decided to create a cocoon in order, to create the new Queen Mother, so they could restore the hive world, as well several of the guards made their own cocoons, that eventuality got mutated into the Red Queen.

Once the Red Queen Mother was recreated, she quickly started to breed her own red-colored mutated Drones and started a war against the original Xenomorphs. Warfare broke out between the Primary Species and the Red Sub Species, over who will Survive and Rule the Hive World, as a platoon of Colonial Marines are sent to the hive world to bring back the Queen Mother's jelly, so they could create a very addictive drug named Xeno-Zip.

Eventually, The Colonial Marines found themselves in the Xenomorph War, once they landed on the hive world, as they had to combat both Breeds of Xenomorphs en masse, There would Mass Casualties for the Marines. The remaining Marines would destroy the Red Queen Mother's Hive Cluster, while the Xeno Zip was extracted from the Royal Jelly. With the Red Queen Mother gone, the Red Xenomorphs were drove Extinct by the Standard Breed Xenomorphs.



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