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The Redneck Bar Patrons are minor antagonists in the 2017 film Kingsman: The Secret Service.


As Harry Hart recovers from amnesia following being shot by Richmond Valentine, he meets up with his Kingsman colleagues Merlin and Eggsy at a bar in Kentucky as they are meeting with Statesman Agent Whiskey to discuss about the notorious Poppy Adams and the Golden Circle. To cover up his shot eye, Harry is given a pair of spectacles with one lens tinted black. However when he puts them on, he attracts the unwanted attention of a gang of drunk rednecks, who demanded him and his cohorts to leave.

Deciding to teach the rednecks a lesson, Harry quotes the "Manners Maketh Man" line that he previously used against Dean Baker and his gang of London Chavs before attempting to fight them. Unfortunately, the rednecks proved to be too fast for Harry as he still hasn't recovered, and just as one of them is about to knock him out with a punch, Whiskey arrives to the rescue by lassoing Harry away to safety. Whiskey then beats down the rednecks for their rude behavior; even several of them end up being killed.


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