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Well, I need a little time to get that kind of money together. In the other hand, I can promise you that if you whisper so much as a word of this to anybody. There will be no place for you to hide.
~ Reed after being blackmailed for money by Chloe.

Reed: Well, I need a little time to get that kind of (Danny: Shovel, together!)
~ Dan Avidan from Game Grumps.

Reed Hawke is the main antagonist of the 1993 interactive movie video game Voyeur. He is the CEO of Hawke Industries, a company founded by his father, who he's implied to have killed. In the game, he runs for President of the United States and invites his family over to his manor to make the announcement. As the game goes on, depending on the actions of the Protagonist, Reed will kill one of his family members to keep them from revealing a dark secret. Depending on whether or not you record the incriminating evidence, Reed will either get away with everything or be arrested for his crimes.

He was portrayed by Robert Culp.


Multiple Paths and Endings

Protagonist Gets Shot

There's an option to send your tape to either: Zach, Chloe, Jessica, or Margaret. If you send the wrong thing to the wrong person, Reed will be informed of it and send Chantal over to silence you, resulting in you being shot.


Villainous Acts

  • Staged his father's accident.
  • Staged his wife's suicide.
  • Raped his niece when she was 14 years old, multiple times.
  • Stole the idea for a project his son was working on.
  • Assists in staging his niece's suicide.
  • Kills his daughter and stages her boyfriend's suicide.
  • Assists in killing his son, Zach.
  • Sends Chantal to kill the Protagonist. (Bad Ending)