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Reeks are large, non-sentient bovine herbivores in the Star Wars universe, first appearing in the 2002 film Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

Behavior and Personality

In the clone wars, the reek Anakin encounters are completely ferocious, aggressive, and belligerent, so it barely kept under control by the Geonosian picadors, and seems to hate everything. This is caused by the unnatural meat diet it received in the arena, driving it insane. However, Anakin eases it's mind with the force, taming it and forming a brief rapport with it. Later, however, it attempts to crush Jango Fett, but this was a fatal mistake, and the reek ended up being gunned down. In the wild, reek's are herd dwellers, who feed on moss, are generally sociable, but can get into scrapes over good pasture.

Physical characteristics

Standing, on average, 2.2 meters at the shoulder, and 4 meters long, the reek's heavyset quadrupedal body is covered in thick, toughened skin with a rough, pebbly texture, that contributes to its weight of over a ton. The reek's boxy head is crowned with three large, curved horns - a set protruding forwards from the cheeks, and a nasal horn curving back over the skull. The coloration of a reek is dependent on its diet, and even its temperament can be influenced by its food - reeks fed meat become more aggressive, although they cannot survive on a carnivorous diet.

In the wild

Reeks are native to the grassy plains regions of the largely tropical world of Ylesia, and gather in herds. Their thick skin offers them defense from predators, and allows them to move easily through the thick Ylesian jungles between grazing, whether for defense, shade, or the search for food. Highly territorial, reeks defend their grazing lands from encroachment fiercely. Reek males use their horns to vie for mates, and will lock horns with rivals.

In captivity

Reeks have been exported extensively from Ylesia over the millennia, to the extent that several notable subspecies have been recognized. When domesticated, reeks make very capable beasts of burden, and can be trained into a military mount. Reek are considered good game animals by many hunters. Other groups have been known to use reeks in arena combat, supplementing their territorial urges with the inclusion of meat in their diets. Such an animal is usually easy to identify, as its skin will take on reddish markings.

In Episode II

The reek is one of the beasts that Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Padmé Amidala face in the Execution Arena on Geonosis, and was briefly tamed by Anakin with the help of the Force. It was later shot in the head and killed by Jango Fett.


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