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I can't let this guy win.
~ Reese.
You. This is all your fault. You ruined my life. You drove me into doing things I never would have done. And now... there's a dead girl down there because of you. (Lucifer: What is it with you humans? Huh. Always blaming me. I never made any of you do anything!) That's not true. You trick us into sin, damnation.
~ Reese confronting Lucifer.
I set things right. Maybe this will turn things around... with Linda.
~ Reese's last words before his death and eternal damnation.

Reese Getty is a minor character in the TV series Lucifer, serving as a minor protagonist-villain in Season 3 and a minor character in Season 6. He was a senior reporter at the Los Angeles Telegraph and the ex-husband of Linda Martin who learned that Lucifer Morningstar is the Devil himself.

He was portrayed by Patrick Fabian.



During his time at the Los Angeles Telegraph, he had won the Pulitzer Prize. His work interfered with his marriage to Linda Martin and they separated two years before the events of Season 1. However, Reese desperately wanted to work out their issues and get back together.

Season 3

"Off the Record"

Somewhere during the events of Season 1 (although off-screen), Reese wakes up in a hospital after a unknown near-death experience and proceeds to visit Linda Martin after learning that she didn't visit him, not even once. As he was about to open the door, he heard and found out that the Lux nightclub owner Lucifer Morningstar was sleeping with Linda. Even though he and Linda had been separated for two years by now, he wanted revenge on Lucifer and followed him to Lux. He tells Lucifer that someone (Lucifer) has been sleeping with his wife, and Lucifer (not realising it was him) tells him to go get revenge.

Reese proceeds to start making a story about Lucifer's partnership with Detective Chloe Decker (although in reality, he was just trying to expose Lucifer) while investigating a case, but sees that everyone loves Lucifer and anything incriminating has an explanation. Just as he's about to give up, however, he accidentally sees Lucifer's true face while he's investigating a person, and that he is in reality the Devil himself. He rushes to Linda and tries to tell her this, but she doesn't believe him and forces him to sign the divorce papers.

Reese spent the next year trying to find proof that Lucifer is the Devil, making research about his previous encounters with other people, such as Dr. Canaan, Malcolm Graham and Charlotte Richards, among many others. After a run-in with Lucifer at his office, he decided to test Lucifer's invulnerability. Reese proceeds to interrupt Linda's therapy session with Lucifer and shoots the Devil with a gun, but Lucifer who remained unharmed, but angry due to his suit being ruined. However, by the time he does this, Linda already knows Lucifer is the Devil for a few months. Reese is upset that Linda is friends with the Devil (although she tried to make amends with him), and Lucifer accidentally reveals he becomes vulnerable and mortal around Chloe.

Reese returns to his office and his boss tells him to give up as Lucifer has won. In anger, Reese trashes the entire evidence he's been collecting, but after calming down, he reminds himself of Lucifer's comment and that he's weak around Chloe. Reese convinces a serial killer by the name of Alvin Kapitski to poison Lucifer around Chloe, killing him, by claiming that he's a fraud. However, Alvin realises Lucifer is a good man and as Lucifer is about to drink the poison, he takes it out of the Devil's hands and puts it on the table. A random woman proceeds to drink the poison and dies in the process. Even more desperate than ever before, Reese grabs a knife and follows Lucifer to his apartment, thinking the Devil is the cause for the girl's death and other deaths and sins, but Lucifer reveals that he has no control over people's decisions, and that the girl's death was Reese's fault, while learning that Lucifer himself is the person Reese was seeking revenge on. After Reese questions how does Linda likes Lucifer, he says that it's maybe because he revealed the truth.

Getting an idea, Reese goes to Linda's house and apologizes for being a bad husband, but is angry when Linda doesn't want to get back with him. During the apology, he also explains that he accidentally killed a girl while trying to poison Lucifer, and Linda tries to call the police. Reese accidentally hurts Linda in the process and shocked by his own actions, tells his ex-wife to call the police while he'll be waiting in his office. After going there, Reese drinks some water, but then realises that Alvin poisoned it for lying about the man that Lucifer truly is, and that Reese is the fraud. Reese gets the laugh as he reveals the police will soon appear and that he actually planned being poisoned after realising he'll be next on Alvin's list. The police sirens are heard and Alvin tries to escape, but fortunately, Chloe catches and arrests him while Lucifer looks over Reese and points out that he didn't drink all the poison. As his last words, Reese thinks that he finally made things right with Linda by catching Alvin and now, maybe she'll love him again. Lucifer looks at Reese with disappointment, realising that he didn't try to change at all.

Suddenly, the first scene from the episode is repeated, with Reese waking up and having the exact same conversation with the nurse. It's revealed that after his death, Reese was send to Hell because of the guilt over his actions (in this series, this is what makes people go to Hell) and now, he's stuck in a loop where he relieves moments leading up to his death, beginning with him waking up in the hospital, for eternity.

"Chloe Does Lucifer"

Linda mentions that she's planning Reese's funeral.

Season 6

"Partners Til the End"

Many, many years later (both in Earth and Hell time), Lucifer decides to help Reese overcome his guilt and ascend to Heaven. Reese makes it clear that he wants to fix everything he's done, and although he hasn't succeeded in dealing with his guilt by the time we see him, it's likely that, with Lucifer's help, he will eventually succeed and get a happy ending.


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