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When people are miserable and suffering, it brings out the best in me. Thanks for noticing.
~ Reese Wilkerson

Reese Wilkerson is the older brother of the titular protagonist of Malcolm In The Middle, and is also arguably one of the main antagonists of the series due to his extreme personality, which can vary from a slow-witted bully, mischievous trickster or (at times) a mild sociopath who does bad things seemingly for the sheer thrill of it. His favorite target is usually his brother Dewey, often hitting him or breaking his toys.

Impulsive, often idiotic, but also capable of coming up with surprisingly devilish plans when he wants to. Reese is rarely liked by the other characters of the show (even his own family sometimes) due to his destructive and bullying nature.

Reese is theorised to have such a strong mean-streak that while still in the womb he kicked Lois so hard she delivered him prematurely and his first act upon waking into the world was to swiftly kick the doctor delivering him.

Though incredibly violent, he is still terrified of his mother Lois.

He was portrayed by Justin Berfield.

Powers and Abilities

  • Extreme Torture: Reese is obviously an excellent torturer and has done so many incidents to his brothers and other innocent lives. He will often use physical coercion or succumb them into slavery for himself.
  • Food Prodigy: Reese has shown to be quite an exceptional cook and has made many extravagant dinners. His food has been praised so much by people, even by his own family who remarked that Reese had no talents whatsoever.