Reflector is a collective name of three Decepticons named Spectro, Spyglass and Viewfinder. They're primarily distinguishable from one another due to Viewfinder having a lens in his chest. Reflector combined together to transform into an Earth camera, and along with Soundwave served as Megatron's spies. Their toy (a mail away promotional) featured a working, if weak, magnifying lens Viewfinder.


Reflector spoke and acted in unison, with their voice a creepy monotone, and the show is unclear if it is three Decepticons who always do everything together, or if it's one Decepticon with three bodies. Spectro and Spyglass were indistinguishable from one another while Viewfinder had the lens in his chest, as on his toy. The three were aboard Megatron's ship, the Nemesis, when the Decepticons pursued the Autobots' ship the Ark. They were on the Ark when it crashed.

After awakening, Reflector had a minor supporting role in the series. They were usually seen with Soundwave performing espionage activities, although occasionally they'd fight. Due to Hasbro's initial decision not to release the toy, Reflector was gradually phased out of the show. The toy eventually was released to promote the movie, even though Reflector only had a background role in it.

IDW Comics

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Transformers Animated

An Animated incarnation of Reflector, who could combine into a tank, would have made a cameo in season 3, but the scene was cut. Reflector was seen in the guidebook AllSpark Almanac, when he and his clones were present at the Battle of Iacon. many of his clones served as cannon fodder, but the original Reflector(s) survived.

War for Cybertron Trilogy

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