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Reginald, better known as Reggie, is a minor antagonist in Rick and Morty. He is the main antagonist of "Childrick of Mort".


Reggie is a godlike being who is the ex-lover of Gala. He appeared shorty after the Smith family visited her, revealing himself to be the true biological father of her children despite that he wanted to kill his own children because he thinks they're not worthy in his image. After he grants power to Jerry and the unproductives, Rick flies up into the clouds and battles Reggie in his true form. After an extremely intense struggle, Reggie gains the upper hand and traps Rick Sanchez with his fingers, but Summer and Morty fly a spacecraft into the back of his head, killing him. He seeks to conquer Earth and kill others that get in his way especially his own children. When he was fighting Rick to the death people think he was being honorable by not using his power against him, but that's not true because he just did it out of arrogance and he thinks Rick is still too weak for him.


He's an extremely evil, egotistical, aggressive, cruel, traitorous, cunning, vindictive, hateful and megalomaniacal tyrant who used to have a massive army of Living Planets aka Zeus Hybrids creations by enslaving them but now he thinks they're just useless and possibly destroy a bunch of lives if he finishes the job. If Clone Beth and Rick notice Reggie is the Living Plants aka Zeus Hybrids biological father of this time Clone Beth wouldn't talk him out of taking care of Reggie's children also Rick kind of turned out to be Reggie's kids' adoptive father.


  • He belongs to a species referred to as "Zeus".



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