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Reggie Mandell is a crime boss and an enemy of Green Arrow. He is the second person on the left side of the Green Arrow comic book since that is the only known image of him.


Reggie Mandell is the leader of a criminal organization called the Warhogs. In the sixth issue of the second volume in the Green Arrow comics, Reggie arrived in Seattle where his associate Kebo was running things for him. Business was booming, with recruitment, drugs, prostitution, and protection all doing well. Reggie provided his people with cocaine, but he abstained because it gave him an edge over them. 

Suddenly, an arrow shoots through the couch beside, and a surprised Reggie finds that Green Arrow had his bow trained on him. Oliver revealed that Kebo has been drawing negative attention to the Warhogs by coordinating the recent attacks against homosexuals. Oliver added that Kebo had a personal vendetta against homosexuals because he was twice a victim of gang rape while in prison. Despite this, Reggie stated that Oliver won't have earned the right to be heard until he himself went through the Warhogs' initiation process.

Oliver agreed, taking a heavy beating, and eventually having to drag himself to the end of the line. While successful, he was badly hurt. When asked what he wanted, Oliver explained that it was only a matter of time before the police follow the same trail he did to find Kebo. With the pressure on, a desperate Kebo revealed that he developed AIDS as a result of his rape, which he felt justified the murder of homosexuals. Reggie killed Kebo and claimed that the Warhogs take care of their own. Before leaving, Oliver stated that he ws going to make himself a problem for the Warhogs in Seattle. 


  • Reggie Mandell forcing the Green Arrow to go through a violent initiation process is similar to the Arrowverse villain Anatoly Knyazev forcing Oliver Queen to undergo a violent initiation test when Oliver was trying to join the Bratva.
  • Reggie Mandell is similar to the Arrowverse villain Tobias Church since Church will only do anything that benefits himself and the only crime lord Oliver faces who is not from around Star City.

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