Arthur: You know, I'm not so sure this was a good idea, Reg.
Reggie: Shut up, dummy! There's something strange about those kids.
~ Reggie growing suspicious of Fat Albert and the gang.

Reggie and Arthur are the two main antagonists of the 2004 comedy film Fat Albert. Reggie is an arrogant jock who bullies the protagonist Doris Robertson and flirts with her sister Lauri, but Lauri is disgusted by him. While Reggie is the brain and muscle, Arthur acted as Reggie's dumb right hand.

Reggie was portrayed by Omarion Grandberry, and Arthur was portrayed by J. Mack Slaughter, Jr..


When Fat Albert and the gang pop out of the TV to help Doris with her situation, Reggie and Arthur, not knowing the gang is from a TV show, begins a rivalry with Fat Albert (particularly after seeing Albert hit on Lauri).

At a disco party, Reggie tried to get Fat Albert to go on stage to humiliate him in front of Lauri, but it backfired when Fat Albert sang a rap version of his theme song and got the whole crowd dancing.

As Fat Albert got off the stage, he handed Reggie a coke can. As Reggie began to grow even more suspicious of Fat Albert, he opened the can, only to have the soda spray him all over the face (as Fat Albert was shaking the Coke can while he danced on the stage).

Near the climax, Reggie and Arthur discover that the gang is from the TV upon spying on them from Doris' house window. Hearing that the gang has to go back in the tv and seeing Fat Albert not go in, Reggie and Arthur decide to take advantage of this.

When a very faded Fat Albert came to encourage Doris on her track run, Reggie announced to everyone that Fat Albert wasn't who he thought he was, but before Reggie could expose Fat Albert's secret, the big guy grabbed him by the collar and demanded "Hey, hey, hey, Get outta my way!" and Reggie ran away in fright. Arthur without hesitation allowed Doris to borrow his skateboard for Albert to race back to her house. Then Arthur ran away as well.

It is unknown what happened to Reggie and Arthur afterwards.


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