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Floyd: Maybe Missy will come back on her own. Dogs are very loyal, you know.
Regina: No, Floyd, dogs are
stupid. And do you have to stand like that? How are we supposed to have relationship if you can't even stand right? I'd kill that stupid dog.
~ Regina and Floyd
If I find your stupid dog, you're never gonna see him again.
~ Regina to Ted and Emily Newton before preparing to kidnap their dog Beethoven.
Ugly? You ain't see ugly. That ain't ugly. That's ugly! (pokes George Newton in the chest with a stick, an enraged Betthoven rams it into Floyd's groin in retaliation) Oh, REGINA!
~ Floyd angrily pokes George Newton in the chest with a stick, only to get knocked over the cliff into a pool of mud with Regina by Beethoven in retaliation.
Shut up! And don't do us any favors! Take your stinkin' puppies and STUFF IT!
~ Regina after being defeated by Beethoven.

Regina and Floyd are the main antagonists of the 1993 family sequel Beethoven's 2nd (more specifically Regina is the main antagonist while Floyd is the secondary). Regina is a selfish, vindictive and nasty woman with an extremely ill temper and her boyfriend Floyd is an arrogant and greedy jerk. Their main goal is to steal Missy and the puppies to finalize her divorce with Brillo and kidnap the Newton's dog Beethoven.

They were portrayed by Debi Mazar (who also portrayed Spice in Batman Forever and Jessica in Home Alone: The Holiday Heist) and the late Chris Penn (who also portrayed Eddie Pulaski in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Eddie Cabot in Reservoir Dogs, and Clive Cobb in Rush Hour).


Regina was a selfish, vindictive, bad-tempered woman who sought out a large sum of money (fifty-thousand dollars) from her ex-husband Brillo and took custody of Missy, a female St Bernard, though she had little care for her and planned on giving her back to her husband once the settlement was complete.

However due to a fateful meeting between a lovestruck Beethoven and Missy a litter of puppies entered the mix - Regina was angered by the puppies and claimed them all despite the fact she simply wished to dispose of them (even if it meant killing them).

However the three Newton children (who owned Beethoven) took it upon themselves to rescue the puppies and kept them safe at their home (hiding them from George) - Regina was angered at the puppies disappearance and sought revenge.

Later in the film Regina (now accompanied by her new boyfriend Floyd) attends the same fair at the mountains as the Newtons happen to be at and manages to steal back the puppies, however Missy, alongside Beethoven, manages to escape into the wilderness not far from the fair and Regina and Floyd pursue, followed by the Newtons.

When the Newtons catch up with the pair Floyd threatens to toss the puppies off a cliff and George tells him that things don't need to get ugly, at which point Floyd tells George that he ain't seen ugly. with physical violence, he pokes him on the chest with a stick, prompting Beethoven to ram it into Floyd's crotch in retaliation, causing him to lose balance as he falls off the cliff. Regina grabs his hand and ends up falling alongside him.

Amazingly the pair survived the fall, landing in a pool of mud - which proceeded to break off, tossing the two into a river and they are swept away into the distance as they argue over their plan (as a result to this, Regina changes her mind and yells at the Newtons, "Take your stinkin' puppies and stuff it!") Later it is revealed that Missy has been returned to her owner and Regina has lost her claim - gaining none of the money she had sought. What happened to Floyd is unknown, but he presumably put his foot down and broke up with Regina as it shows she treated him almost the same way she does with Missy.

It is assumed that Regina and Floyd were arrested after this by Brillo who probably angrily disowns them for their crimes against the Newtons and animal cruelty. Regina and Floyd did not appear and mentioned in the other sequels, they are probably still in prison as the Newtons went for Europe, while Beethoven goes to George Newton's brother Richard Newton, who let him stay with him until their family reunion in California.