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That was a close one, Henry! But I'm not going to pull you up. See, without you, I'd become the leader of the Toppat Clan again. I just wanted to look you in the eyes, as I took it all back. Goodbye.
~ Reginald's most famous quote, said before betraying Henry Stickmin.
Looks like we'll be sharing this last ride together! Heh. Eheheh!
~ Reginald taking Henry with him by shooting his spine.
*cough* Well... you got us. *cough* Was it... worth it?
~ Reginald's last words in the Revenged ending of Completing the Mission.

Reginald Copperbottom, better known as the Toppat Leader and Chief, is a major antagonist of the Henry Stickmin series of video games.

He serves as the unseen overarching antagonist of Stealing the Diamond, the main antagonist of Infiltrating the Airship and Completing the Mission, and an optional antagonist in Fleeing the Complex.

Reginald is the current leader of the Toppat Clan, a criminal organization responsible for numerous international robberies across the world. He is the boss of the Right Hand Man. If the titular Henry Stickmin becomes the leader, then Reginald himself becomes the right hand man, with the Toppat King ending being an exception. He became the leader after overthrowing Terrence Suave for his poor leadership.

He was voiced by series creator Marcus Bromander, like every other voiced male character in the series.


Reginald's age is unknown, but he is heavily implied to be older than Henry because of his long brown mustache and experience leading the clan (most likely around 30-40), and the fact that Henry is 28 during Fleeing the Complex. While other members of the clan are seen wearing one top hat, Reginald wears two top hats each of different colors, one of which was the hat worn by the previous leader of the clan, Terrence Suave. He wears black gloves, black shoes and a golden collar necklace with blue diamonds students on it.

After Henry becomes the new Toppat Leader in the Rapidly Promoted Executive ending, Reginald is seen only wearing one hat after giving Terrence's hat to Henry. He also no longer wears his golden collar necklace due to putting it on Henry's hat.


What?! Have you no honor? No dignity?! Actions like this tarnish the Toppat name! Men, is this really what we want out of a leader? He barged in here! Took control of the Toppat Clan for himself! He's not worthy of being our leader! I say we throw him overboard! Who's with me?!
~ Reginald after hearing Henry betrayed Ellie after she helped him.

Reginald clearly takes pride in being the leader of the Toppats. In fact, he's clearly not happy when Henry takes over, and he took over the leadership when the previous leader was overthrown. Despite this, he has a sense of honor, asking Henry if he has honor or dignity in the Toppat Civil Warfare ending over his abandonment of Ellie.

Although it first seems hypocritical, Reginald's betrayal of Henry seems justified: He already knew Henry had no problem with betraying someone simply to become more powerful. Although it again can be hypocrisy, seeing as Reginald gave up leadership to save his own skin, he had a choice between allowing the government to cripple the clan, or to give leadership to someone he can take care of later on. It's even shown in the Toppat King ending, where Reginald saves Henry because he has shown himself to be completely loyal to the Toppats.

Reginald is very clearly cowardly and physically weak, as the only times he has any advantage is when Henry is at Reginald's mercy and/or doesn't suspect any kind of attack. If that's not possible, the only thing Reginald can do is run away and tell others to kill Henry.

Overall, Reginald loves to be the leader of the Toppat Clan, but will step down if someone gains his respect by rightfully leading the Toppats.


Not much is known about Reginald's past life before joining the Toppat Clan, although it is known he and the Right Hand Man have a good relationship, to the point Reginald trusts him as his second-in-command. He took leadership after the previous leader of the Toppats, Terrence Suave, was simply awful, being remembered as one of the worst leaders in the history of the Toppat Clan.

Infiltrating the Airship

Henry is captured by the government and wakes up inside an helicopter. They need Henry to infiltrate the Toppat Clan's airship in order to find and take anything important for the government that they can use to bring down the clan. Reginald is introduced along with the Toppat Clan, as a criminal organization that is known for several heists done internationally, which mostly involves stealing money and the most valuable objects in the world. They have been charged on many accounts but never arrested. All of these operations have been led recently by Reginald, who is the current leader of the clan.

During the Rapidly Promoted Executive/Relentless Bounty Hunter routes, Reginald is chased throughout the airship by Henry, with the Right Hand Man trying to stop him twice from getting to Reginald but failing in both attempts. Henry eventually catches Reginald at the ship's cargo bay and holds him hostage while the other Toppats aim at Henry. Reginald makes a last effort at not getting arrested and tells Henry he can become the new leader of the Toppat Clan. At this point, Henry is left with the choice of handing him over to the government or becoming the new leader of the clan.

Relentless Bounty Hunter

If the player sides with the government, Henry and Reginald enter a stolen tank that falls to the ground. Henry and Reginald are revealed to be unharmed by the hit as General Galeforce and Charles land nearby. Reginald is then arrested by the government and they drop all the charges against Henry, who drives away in the tank.

Rapidly Promoted Executive

If the player sides with the Toppats, Henry and Reginald drop two dummies that resemble themselves out of the ship that hit the ground below. General Galeforce and Charles go to investigate and by the time they find out they've been tricked, the airship has already flown away. In the end, Reginald gives his second hat to Henry, who as promised by Reginald, becomes the new leader of the Toppat Clan.

Reginald does not appear until the ending where it is shown in news that he and the Toppat Clan were apprehended by the government after the secret documents Henry stole from the airship went public.

In the Pure Blooded Thief route, Reginald and the Right Hand Man survive the airship's crash and land safe on earth. The Right Hand Man notices Henry and tries to go after him for stealing the Romanian Ruby, but Reginald stops him, deciding to retreat while they still can or the entire clan will be arrested and/or killed right there by the government. Ultimately, the Toppats retreat, and Reginald escapes with them.

Fleeing the Complex

Reginald only makes an appearance during The Betrayed route as the main antagonist.

Henry uses a phone to call Reginald asking to be rescued. He agrees and tells Henry they will arrive shortly. Later, Henry tries to reach the airship and uses his scooter to race out of there and jump to the airship. Just when he was about to fall, Reginald grabs his hand, saving him in time. However, the ex-leader has no intention to pull Henry up, instead revealing that without him, the Toppat Clan will have Reginald as their leader once more, and viciously revealing he just wanted to look Henry straight in the eyes as he regains control over the clan. Satisfied by his taunting, Reginald lets go of Henry's hand as he falls into the sea to his apparent death.

Completing the Mission

Reginald is completely absent in any route that follows the events of the "Government Supported Private Investigator" and "Relentless Bounty Hunter" endings, having been arrested and taken into custody by the government. He is only seen during the flashbacks depicting such events in said scenarios.

During this route, taking place after the Pure-Blooded Thief/Convict Allies routes, Dmitri Petrov and The Wall's staff are chasing down Henry and Ellie, who try to hide in a Toppat Clan base in hopes of joining them. The duo manage to infiltrate the rocket and meet Reginald Copperbottom alongside Right Hand Man. Ellie asks to join them, at which point Reginald remembers Henry from the time he stole their ruby and decides to make a deal: if he returns the ruby, he will gladly accept both of them into the clan. However, Petrov and his henchman, Grigori Olyat, appear behind them, demanding Henry and Ellie to surrender and return to the prison complex. Shortly after that, Charles Calvin, a member of the government Henry briefly met, appears.

Toppat Recruits

Reginald is arguably the tritagonist of the Toppat Recruits route.

If the player sides with the Toppats, Reginald and the RHM give Henry and Ellie guns, and the duo shoot Grigori and Dmitri while the RHM shoots Charles' helicopter, causing the pilot to retreat. Reginald, after shortly talking to Henry and Ellie, disappears until the epilogue, where Reginald welcomes Henry and Ellie as members of the Toppat Clan as he is also happy to proclaim their stolen ruby will be returned to the clan.

Pardoned Pals

Reginald is arguably the secondary antagonist of this route.

If the player sides with Charles, the trio destroy the entire rocket, killing Reginald, Dmitri, Grigori and the Right Hand Man.

Reginald is the main antagonist of the route.

In this route taking place after the Pure-Blooded Thief/Ghost Inmate routes, Reginald and the Toppat Clan have already launched their rocket into space and established the Toppat orbital station. Henry goes there in order to steal the Norwegian Emerald.

After the RHM is killed, Reginald desperately demands to eradicate Henry using Supreme Dominance, but Henry manages to use a grow 'n shrink device on the emerald that causes it to grow in size, reflecting the beam to the space station, nearly killing everyone except for Reginald, who quickly ducks into an escape pod. Unfortunately, the pod moves towards Henry's direction and he is forced through the pod's window along with the emerald while the broken window sucks out everything inside the pod.

Reginald curses Henry before he is sucked out through the window and his body floats dead in space.

Reginald is the secondary antagonist.

In the ending taking place after the Rapidly Promoted Executive/Ghost Inmate routes, Henry returns to the airship in a pod, but unknown to him, Ellie has escaped the Wall and is seeking revenge on him for leaving her behind. She calls out Henry for this in front of the Toppat Clan. Reginald shows his disgust towards Henry for such an act of dishonor, claiming he is not worthy of being the leader.

He convinces the rest of the clan to throw Henry overboard, yet before he does so, he tries to take his hat back from Henry, who throws him off the airship. The Right Hand Man Reborn goes after Reginald while Ellie tries to force Henry to jump out. Later, after Henry and a few loyalists escape in a pod, Reginald is seen being carried in the air by RHMR who rescued him in time, not long before the two are killed when the pod collides with them at full speed.

Reginald is the main antagonist of the route.

After the Pure-Blooded Thief/Presumed Dead routes, Henry finds out about the secret jungle base and the Toppats' plan of launching a rocket into space and goes there with the intention of stealing the rocket. Reginald orders the RHM and the Toppats to stop Henry, but they fail and Henry successfully steals the rocket. It is later revealed that Henry turned the Toppat orbital station into a space resort and while the Toppats who stayed on the rocket redeemed themselves and started working for Henry, those who remained on Earth were all arrested, including Reginald and the RHM.

Reginald is the deuteragonist.

After the Rapidly Promoted Executive/Convict Allies routes, Henry brings Ellie to the jungle base and meets Reginald once again, alongside the Right Hand Man Reborn. However, they are quickly attacked by the military. Henry and Reginald prepare to launch the rocket in five minutes, but some soldiers and a helicopter corner them in the room. Henry manages to save Reginald and proceeds to make his way through the military to the rocket along with Ellie and the RHMR. After using a tank to propel himself to the rocket's door, Reginald holds him by the hand in time. However, the sinister ex-leader comments on the thought of dropping Henry without no one noticing would mean he could return as the leader, but then wonders why he would do something like that. He pulls up Henry and reveals that he's gained his respect after the efforts he put outside for the clan. The ending shows the Toppat orbital station in space, Henry recruited and naming Ellie his Right Hand Lady, and Reginald and the RHMR going on to become top operators in the clan.

Reginald is the main and final antagonist of the route.

After the Rapidly Promoted Executive/Betrayed routes, Henry is found by a scientist who manages to bring him back to life with some robotic enhancements. She tells him about the airship's location, at which point he blasts off. Henry tackles Reginald when arriving and soon engages in battle with the Right Hand Man Reborn (while causing severe damage to the airship as well). He succeeds in defeating him and goes after Reginald again, who pleads to Henry. He staples Reginald to the wall, as the airship is going to crash soon into the jungle base. After figuring out this, Reginald shoots Henry in the spine, stating he and Henry will share their last ride together. After the wreckage, Henry barely survives and sees Reginald still attached to the airship's wall, and with his last breath he asks Henry if doing all of this was worth it. Reginald then succumbs to his wounds and dies. Henry dies shortly after Reginald, finally getting his revenge and destroying the Toppat Clan once and for all.

Reginald is the deuteragonist in this route.

The route opens with two Government soldiers named Josh Taylor and Drake Camper in a tavern somewhere in a snowy tundra. Drake brags to Josh about their so-called "surprise" impending assault on the Toppat Launch Site, before being berated by Quentin Alabaster about the urgency of the mission. Henry, who is also in the tavern after faking his death at The Wall, overhears the conversation. Seizing the moment, he clings on the exterior of Quentin's helicopter for a ride to the Launch Site.

Three hours before the launch, Drake Camper accidentally releases a supply pack prematurely and it catches Henry in the crossfire. The pack lands safely on the ground, albeit located on an isolated ledge on a cliff face. Using the Abuse Physics Engine, Henry slides a rock and it begins to behave erratically, building up momentum in the process. Clinging onto the rock, the momentum eventually causes the rock to launch vertically, gaining enough distance for Henry to disembark at the top.There, he notices two soldiers named Hank Stockman and Hayden Brock betting with each other that the Toppat leader would stop their operation, which forces Henry to hide. Henry locates a military tent with its backside exposed to entry, but soon notices a patrol tower with a sniper, Madd Ladd on guard. Henry turns on the Lagswtich device and abuses the lag to run past, while Mad Ladd is left confused after failing to hit him. After Henry finds "Big Boy", a big red tank inside the tent, he attaches a module onto Big Boy and activates it, causing it to run amok amongst the Government. The resulting conflict at the military base eventually notifies the Center for Chaos Containment to the scene. Receiving permission to act on the issue, a CCC agent named Ellias Bahtchin notices the chaos from his mobile unit and receives the order to deal with it, which causes the G.A.B.E.G.G. is sent to the military base and fights the Big Boy. Both are evenly matched, yet they continue to cause collateral damage. General Galeforce decides to cut their losses and withdraw. Henry hijacks a Government tank and uses it to arrive at the Toppat Rocket. Upon arrival, Reginald Copperbottom inquiries Henry about his choice of transportation. Henry hands him a radio, which is still broadcasting the government retreat.

Learning that Henry was working behind enemy lines to protect them all along, Reginald praises Henry's actions and declares that the clan's future is bright with him in charge. Subsequently, Henry rightfully reclaims his position as the Toppat leader.


Listen, listen! You've defeated my Right Hand Man, and you've defeated me. I surrender the airship to you.
~ Reginald bargaining with Henry.
No, forget about it! We've gotta retreat or else the Toppat Clan will be history.
~ Reginald to the Right Hand Man after he spots Henry and the Romanian Ruby in the Pure Blooded Thief ending.
Yes, hello? Henry? Where are you? Oh, in a complex? Called The Wall? Ah, y-yes of course-uh, we'll-eh-we'll be right there. Oh, sit tight-ehh. I'll let you know when we're close.
~ Reginald answering Henry's call.
Ungh. So that's it, then. You're just going to leave me here to go down with the ship? (Shoots Henry in the spine) Looks like we'll be sharing this last ride together! Heh heh. Eeheheh!
~ Reginald stops Henry from leaving so the two die together in the airship's crash.
Get him! Stop him! Fire Supreme Dominance. Now!
~ Reginald's orders to activate the Supreme Dominance to kill Henry on the spot.
Not youuuu! Egh! Ergnh... Curse youuu!
~ Reginald's last words to Henry in the Jewel Baron ending as he is sucked out into space during his breakdown.
I gotcha, Henry! (quick silence) You know... I could drop you right now and nobody would know... But why would I do that? I saw you out there. You put yourself on the line to save the Toppat Clan. You've truly earned my respect. I can't think of a better person to lead us.
~ Reginald to Henry in the Toppat King ending, contrasting from The Betrayed ending.





  • Although Reginald plays a more competent and serious role throughout the Rapidly Promoted Executive/The Betrayed route, the Right Hand Man has a major role in several other storylines (especially the ones where Reginald was arrested by the government and RHM became the new leader), facing Henry in more than one occasion and being very close to kill him (and Ellie) in different scenarios.
  • While Dmitri proved to be more vicious and dangerous, he has a smaller role in Completing the Mission, whereas Reginald has been in three games and serves as the main antagonist in more than one route in the final game.
  • Despite being one of biggest antagonists in the series, he's never fought Henry by himself, instead RHM always engaged Henry most of the battles. However, it doesn't stop Reginald from resorting to weapons, lies, manipulation and traitorous acts that benefit him in defeating Henry. Even when Henry does confront him in the Revenged ending of Completing the Mission, Reginald is unable to do anything beyond shooting Henry in the back once he turns to leave.
  • Reginald is one of the physically weakest characters in the series, despite being the main antagonist.
  • Reginald and the Right Hand Man seem to be friends as the RHM is the only person who calls Reginald by a nickname that isn't any form of "boss" or "chief".
  • His double top hat can be worn in the popular online game Among Us, which was created by the creators of the Henry Stickmin series.
  • PuffballsUnited has confirmed that Reginald has an British accent, while Right Hand Man has a Cockney accent.
  • In the scrapped plot-line involving the backstory of Ellie Rose, she (a Toppat) and Right Hand Man would free Reginald from the same jail Henry was in during Escaping the Prison. The trio would plan robbing the Tunisian Diamond with Gene Fredrickson, but by the time they try to do it Henry has already stole it. The three would then overthrow Terrence Suave, with Ellie making a sacrifice by throwing herself and Terrence into an escape pod, with Reginald refusing to save her now that he's the Toppat Leader, which would lead to Ellie being imprisoned in Fleeing the Complex. This could arguably make him the deuteragonist-turned-final antagonist of this scrapped plot, but it's now non-canon.