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Villain Overview

Regulus Corneas, also known as the Sin Archbishop of Greed, Regulus of Greed, and simply as Greed, is a major antagonist in the 2014 Japanese dark fantasy light novel series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, as well as its anime television series & manga adaptations of the same name. He first appeared as a minor-yet-pivotal antagonist in the third story arc before reappearing as a flashback antagonist in the fourth story arc and finally as one of the main antagonists of the fifth story arc.

Born a bit over one-hundred years before the events of the story, Regulus grew up in an ordinary family. At an unspecified age, Corneas absorbed the Greed Witch Factor, gaining the Authority of Greed. With the power of the Authority, Regulus killed his family and destroyed his home village, before moving on to the surrounding cities. He joined the Witch Cult, an organization dedicated to the reverence of the Witch of Envy. The Cult's highest ranking members known as the Sin Archbishops, which Regulus was counted among, each possessed a Witch Factor relating to the seven deadly sins. With the Greed Witch Factor, Regulus represented the sin of greed and was known as the Sin Archbishop of Greed. With the immense power of his Authority, Regulus was considered to be the most formidable of the Sin Archbishops.

In accordance with his sin, Regulus was incredibly greedy and selfish, although he refused to consider himself as such. He was also prideful, believing anything he did or said was inherently justified. He would force any woman that caught his eye to marry him, having had roughly two-hundred and ninety-one wives at the time of his death. The first of his wives was his childhood friend whose mind he broke upon gaining his Authority.

He was first seen roughly two months after the story's beginning, when he attacked a convoy of soldiers alongside the Sin Archbishop of Gluttony Lye Batenkaitos. The convoy in question had vanquished the White Whale, a terrifying mabeast that had done Gluttony's bidding until its defeat. The convoy, that was led by Duchess Crusch Karsten and the demon maid Rem, stood no chance against the Sin Archbishops, who decimated the soldiers before leaving the scene.

Under the direction of the gospel, Regulus led an assault on the water gate city Pristela alongside the Archbishop of Wrath Sirius, the Archbishop of Lust Capella Emerada Lugunica, and the dual Archbishops of Gluttony Lye Batenkaitos & Roy Alphard. During the attack, Regulus encountered the silver-haired half-elf Emilia, whom he decided to make his two hundred and ninety-second wife. After kidnapping Emilia, Regulus was confronted during their wedding by the Japanese teenager Subaru Natsuki and the Master Swordsman Reinhard van Astrea. The combined forces of Natsuki, Reinhard, Emilia, and Corneas's other wives were able to kill Regulus. The other Archbishops, with the exception of Sirius, were able to escape Pristela.

Corneas is voiced by Akira Ishida in the Japanese version of the anime adaptation and by Kyle McCarley in the English version. Ishida's other villainous roles include Zeref Dragneel in Fairy Tail, Akaza in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Gaara in the Naruto franchise, Gabriel Miller in Sword Art Online, Ryuunosuke Uryuu in Fate/Zero, Hyoga in Dr. Stone, Hideo Shimada in Parasyte, and Cancer Cell in Cells at Work!. McCarley has also voiced Shigeo Kageyama in Mob Psycho 100, Narancia Ghirga in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Pariston Hill in Hunter x Hunter, Shinji Matou in Fate/stay night, Helbram in The Seven Deadly Sins, Satan in Devilman Crybaby, Simon Laurent in Infinity Train, and Silas Norman in The Asterisk War.


Regulus' face was labelled as completely average with no outstanding features.

At a glance, anyone would consider Regulus to be an utterly unremarkable individual. His face had no notable features and he had golden eyes that sparkled when he spoke passionately but remained dull otherwise. His modestly handsome face wasn't particularly attractive or unattractive and his height and build were both average. His hair, which was neither short nor long, was naturally white despite his youthful appearance. Regulus's white skin that lacked any semblance of a tan, coupled with his white hair and predominately white clothing, made the Sin Archbishop of Greed seem as though he was the epitome of the color white. In fact, the complete devoid of color exhibited by Corneas's physical appearance gave him the impression of a sickly person who was trying to avoid color itself. Overall, in contradiction to his personality and actions, he looked like a completely ordinary man who could easily melt into a crowd in spite of his lack of color.

Regulus's clothing, much like his facial features and body shape, was neither extravagant or shabby, instead portraying an impression of averageness much like the rest of the Sin Archbishop. His primary piece of clothing was a pure-white greca-style overcoat that reached down to his ankles and had golden-edged cuffs, a set of five golden buttons running down the torso of his center front that usually ensured that the coat was closed above the hipline, and golden-highlighted edging. The inside of the coat was black and featured vertical golden stripes travelling down the entire coat. The most striking part of his coat was the opulent gold and black high-neck collar it sported that had the symbol for infinity inscribed on it, perhaps reflecting the nature of Corneas's Authority. Under his coat, Regulus wore a long-sleeved deep-blue-colored dress shirt, white trousers, and a pair of white shoes, the latter two of which were both the same shade as his hair and overcoat. Usually, only the cuffs of the dress shirt could be seen as Regulus's long overcoat tended to obscure it almost completely. Corneas had a single deep-blue teardrop-shaped earring that was the same color as his dress shirt and dangled from his right earlobe thanks to a thin gold chain attaching it.


Regulus Corneas claimed to detest fighting and other forms of violence, and was justifiably disgusted by Lye Batenkaitos' cannibalistic habits. Nevertheless, Corneas felt no remorse for the innocent lives he took, smirking as he destroyed the caravans ferrying Crusch Karsten's retainers. Furthermore, he was able to work in tandem with Batenkaitos amicably despite the distaste he felt for the Archbishop's methods. When Lye began rambling about his obsessive cravings, Regulus reassured Rem that the Archbishop of Gluttony didn't speak for the both of them, although he likely only did so to salvage his own reputation rather than to ease Rem's mind.

He seemingly understood the concepts of right and wrong and what usually constituted them, as he was able to identify that running someone over and cannibalising humans were inherently wrong actions. However, his judgement fell short when it came to himself, as he failed to see any actions against him as justified regardless of the context. For example, during his attack on Karsten's convoy, Regulus expressed irritation that Crusch had ordered her men to run him over when he was "not doing anything," going as far as to call her human decency into question; however, his grievances were completely unjustified as Karsten had been prompted to run him over because he'd just massacred several caravans full of wounded men. Regulus was also annoyed when Rem planned to attack him despite him telling her that he didn't enjoy fighting, failing to understand why she would want to fight him when he had specifically told her that he wouldn't enjoy it.

Powers & Abilitie

Regulus was able to use the Authority of Greed until his Witch Factors were taken by Natsuki Subaru following his death. The Authority itself is split into two main abilities–Stillness of an Object's Time and Lion's Heart:

  • Stillness of an Object's Time (物体の時間の静止 Buttai no Jikan no Seishi): The so-called Stillness of an Object's Time was Regulus' mainly offensive ability, named by Subaru. Regulus could stop the time of anything he was wearing, touching, or even his breath, which in turn stopped the object's or thing's interference from the outside world, only allowing its interference outwards and even granting Regulus the ability to freely manipulate the objects' shape. Small objects imbued with Stillness of an Object's Time could be used either as a form of platform which allowed Regulus to freely traverse on it, or be utilised as objects of imminent death and destruction as they created devastating and destructive attacks when used with malicious intent.
    • Dirt, sand and pebbles imbued with Stillness of an Object's Time: Regulus frequently showed the ability to pick up or kick things like dirt or sand, stopping their time and throwing them towards his enemies. As the time of these small objects was stopped, the objects effectively acted as anomalies in the world, being cut off from the flow of time. They passed through anything they collided with, no matter the sturdiness, leaving behind only small holes–if the structure was still left standing in the first place. If thrown at an individual or an animal, the objects would naturally travel through them, completely shredding and goring them, usually leaving behind nothing more than an unrecognisable pile of flesh or a bloody mist. Regulus used this ability to shred Pandora into a bloody mist during the attack on Elior Forest, roughly one century before the start of the main story. He used the same attack once more during the events of Arc 5, when he shredded Subaru's right leg, as a form of revenge for Subaru spoiling his plans and mood.
    • Water imbued with Stillness of an Object's Time: Though not very practical in most fights, Regulus did resort to using water, if he had the chance to do so. The ways of attacking were pretty much the same, as Regulus usually just scooped up a fistful of water and threw it towards his enemies, rendering them to nothingness. However, after being forced to engage in combat with the Sword Saint, Regulus was forced to get a bit more creative. By kicking the water in a water canal, he unleashed a devastating tsunami, hurling towards Subaru and Emilia during their escape. The tidal wave crushed everything in its path and did not stop until Reinhard cut it in half, destroying it in the process. By freezing the water from a nearby water canal in place, Regulus could pick it up with his hands, similarly to having a tatami mat made out of water. He manipulated it in a similar way as he manipulated the aforementioned water from a nearby canal, creating a giant tsunami. If needed, Regulus was also shown to be able to walk on frozen water droplets, as if he was walking on solid ground. Furthermore, by just stepping into the water, Regulus created a pillar of water with its time stopped, using it to propel himself high in the air. There was even a time when he collected the water from an entire nearby water canal, shaped it into a giant blob of water, jumped (according to Subaru, the jump itself was more akin to teleportation) onto the Third Control Tower in the Water Gate City of Priestella, reshaped it into thousands of smaller droplets and proceeded to bomb the entire district underneath him, while referring to the ongoing bombardment as "purification rain".
    • Wind imbued with Stillness of an Object's Time: One of Regulus' most recognisable and commonly used attacks are him stopping the time of air produced by himself. With a simple swipe of his hand, he produced a vortex of wind, traveling in a straight line following his arm. By stopping its time, the wind would not dissipate but instead, turn into an invisible blade of wind, cutting everything in its path. By utilising this attack, Regulus disarmed both Crusch and Petelgeuse on two separate occasions in the main story. He was also shown to imbue shockwaves created by him with Stillness of an Object's Time, creating unstoppable explosions, shattering everything in its path, as seen when he blew up the first dragon carriage in the 2nd Interlude of Arc 3. Perhaps one of his deadliest attacks, however, was his breathe with its time stopped. By simply exhaling and stopping the time of his exhaled air, Regulus would effectively create invisible pockets of air, that would shred everything in its path. He utilised this attack when fighting against Reinhard, completely shredding the Sword Saint's left leg and making it almost impossible to approach the Sin Archbishop without randomly falling victim to one of his deadly traps.
    • People imbued with Stillness of an Object's Time: Despite this ability seemingly working only on objects, Regulus actually displayed multiple cases of using it on himself or on other people. By making physical contact with people and imbuing them with Stillness of an Object's Time, he would cut them off from the normal flow of time, effectively making them invincible for as long as he wanted to. He was first shown using it in this form with Emilia in Arc 5, when he saved her from Sirius' flames that would surely scorch her to ash. Later on in the same Arc, Regulus used Stillness of an Object's Time two times on Reinhard–the first time he used it, Reinhard was sent flying through different houses and three thick ice walls without ever-so-slightly changing his speed, only coming to a stop when he collided with another one of Regulus' attacks imbued with Stillness of an Object's Time. The second time he used it on Reinhard, however, the Sword Saint was thrown directly onto the very Moon. Reinhard later noted that even he would've been in trouble if he hadn't landed on the Moon. Having said that, the most common application of this power could be observed with Regulus himself, as he frequently imbued his own body with Stillness of an Object's Time, making it so everything he came in contact with would automatically get rejected by his body. . When a spear was thrown at him, the shaft that hit him completely vanished and when, during his long duel with Reinhard, he used this ability on himself, Reinhard remarked it suddenly felt impossible to touch him . Perhaps the only downside to using Stillness of an Object's Time on himself, however, was the fact that if Regulus didn't freeze the time of an object he was standing on–be it the floor of a building or the very earth he was walking on–Regulus would simply cave through it. In case he refused to stop the time of the earth around him, he would've fallen through the entire planet.
    • Manipulation of objects with the usage of Stillness of an Object's Time: As mentioned above, Regulus was easily able to manipulate some objects if he wanted to, though he rarely used this ability, nor was it ever accurately described in the novelisation. He was capable of freezing water droplets in place, creating some sort of a path for him to walk over. On one occasion, he also propelled himself in the air by creating a pillar of water with its time stopped, simply by making contact with a nearby body of water. Perhaps the most bizarre application of this ability, however, happens during Regulus' and Subaru's chase throughout the part of the city. As Subaru started utilising nearby houses as cover and parkoured his way through them, Regulus somehow managed to manipulate entire floors, kicking out roughly a meter-worth of the ground floor and causing the entire building to collapse. He was also capable of roughly changing the layout of the building, distorting its walls and foundations, causing it to collapse. According to Subaru, the walls and stairs of a particular house were unnatural. During this event, Regulus is described as playing with a Rubik's cube.
  • Lion's Heart (獅子の心臓 Shishi no Shinzō): Lion's Heart–Regulus' purely defensive ability–allowed him to freeze his heart's time, stopping his heartbeat and granting himself a temporary state of invincibility. While this power was active, Regulus was completely cut off from the world's flow of time, literally becoming a walking anomaly. He did not have any need for eating, drinking or even breathing and his body did not age a single second, nor did it perform even the most basic of human body functions such as sweating or excreting bodily wastes. He could even ignore every physical law he wished, traveling at inhuman speeds making it seem like he's teleporting around the place, ignoring gravity and scaling multi-story buildings by just lightly pushing himself off the ground. According to Reinhard, he did not possess a heartbeat and had a corpse-like body temperature. Lion's Heart acted as his ultimate defensive ability as it allowed him to simply ignore any and every form of damage dealt to his body, be it sword or magical attacks that could level entire buildings, collisions with dragon carriages that would rip a normal person apart, falling down for hundreds of meters launched towards the ground with extreme speeds, and being frozen deep underwater. He was even capable of brushing off Reinhard's The Swordplay of Astrea Family and Crusch's One Blow, One Hundred Felled sword attacks, as if they were just light gusts of wind, despite both attacks being shown to have been capable of vaporising people and cutting cleanly through the Hakugei's thick hide. However, this ability did have a downside to it, in form of a time limit. Whenever Regulus used this ability for more than five seconds at a time, he began to experience almost unbearably excruciating pain, which prompted him to quickly deactivate it. If he would continue with the usage of it, without taking pauses, Regulus would die from heart failure. He had noted that he could, in theory, push the limit to around ten seconds, but the pain and the fear of dying were too much for him to handle.
    • Lion's Heart paired with Regulus' Kingdom: In order to circumvent the handicap given to him in form of the five second rule, Regulus gave away his Lion's Heart to the subjects of his Kingdom, or in other words, to any woman who he considered to be his wife. By doing so, he would effectively get rid of the timer and the necessity to manually turn the ability on and off, as by merging his heart with his wives' hearts, their heartbeat would keep his ability activated, and it would last until his wife's death. In order to circumvent that potential drawback, Regulus accumulated over two hundred wives in his over-a-century long life. By doing so, the risk of all his wives dying and being exposed to the strains of Lion's Heart were practically zilch, as no one would ever connect his wives with his Authority. Naturally, as the wives' Lion's Heart was only a pseudo-heart, they didn't bore any consequences, let alone were they even aware of harbouring it inside of them. The range of the paired up Lion's Heart is unknown, though according to the author, Regulus' wives had to be close enough for him to feel their love nearby.
    • Lion's Heart and Stillness of an Object's Time paired together: After accumulating his Kingdom and learning how to use both abilities at the same time, Regulus became invincible in the very essence of the word. By pairing Lion's Heart with his wives and keeping them out of harm's reach, Regulus could use Lion's Heart for an infinite amount of time, ignore any and every physical rule he wished and mock his enemies to the fullest before annihilating them in one fell swoop. By doing so, Regulus also eliminated the need to circle between both abilities, as he was unable to use both at the same time. Concentrating only on Stillness of an Object's Time, Regulus walked the face of the planet with a permanent invincibility and an insanely powerful ability under his sleeve. As such, Regulus single-handedly destroyed entire cities, killed even the strongest of warriors and became known as the deadliest Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult.


  • Witch Cult Gospel: As a member of the Witch Cult, Regulus was the owner of a copy of the Witch Cult Gospel. Each Witch Cult Gospel was a replica of the Tome of Wisdom, a book that had been in the possession of the Witch of Greed Echidna. The Tome of Wisdom would provide exact details of future events concerning the Witch of Greed, essentially bestowing Echidna with a form of precognition. Unlike the original Tome of Wisdom, the Gospels of the Witch Cult were imperfect replicas, meaning that, although they detailed the future of its owner, the events conveyed were subject to change and the information provided was often up for interpretation. The Gospels took the form of small black books that could only be read by their owners. Like every Witch Cultist, Regulus followed the details provided in his Gospel unquestionably.


I wish you wouldn't have done that. Why run me over when I'm not doing anything? That's not something any decent human being would try if you ask me.
~ Regulus telling Crusch Karsten his unjustifiable grievance with nearly being run over.
Crusch: How dare you do such a brutal thing to those brave and loyal soldiers? Now tell me, just who are you anyway?
Regulus: Ah, I see. Things are becoming much clearer, you have no idea who I am. On the other hand, I know exactly who you are. You're a candidate to be the next ruler of this fair nation.
Crusch: Whoever you are, you talk too much. Answer my question! Next time, I will kill you!
Regulus: Come on now, that's just mean. But I suppose one could never hope to properly rule a country without some degree of arrogance. I can't comprehend that sensibility myself but I recognise its—
Crusch: I warned you, no second chances!
~ Regulus conversing with Crusch Karsten.
Now, listen here! Who taught you that it was acceptable behaviour to swing a sword at someone while they're speaking? I do believe that's a violation of my right to freely express myself!
~ Corneas expressing irritation towards Karsten following her attack on him.
Rem: Who are you two? Tell me!
Lye: A Sin Archbishop of the Witch's Cult, representing Gluttony... my name is Lye Batenkaitos.
Regulus: And the Sin Archbishop of the Witch's Cult, representing Greed... Regulus Corneas.
~ Regulus and Lye Batenkaitos introducing themselves to Rem.
Easy now, you can relax. I'm nothing like that guy over there. I absolutely despise fighting and such. All that "hunger" and "thirst" nonsense? Such petty self-indulgences are beneath me.
~ Corneas reassuring Rem that he didn't possess the same cravings as Lye.
Regulus: Did you listen to a word I said? I thought I already told you I absolutely despise fighting?
Rem: Is that all you have to say for yourself,
Witch Cultist?
~ Regulus annoyed with Rem after she prepared to attack him.

Light Novel Excerpts

Ex Volume 4

"For an entire group of Divine Generals to be roundly defeated. If Eight-Arms were still alive, we would never have suffered such an affront."
"That name's real nostalgic and all, but he's dead as dirt." Balleroy shrugged at the man's rueful tone. To hear the name of Volakia's old hero after this litany of complaints was enough to bring a tear to his eye. "Anyway, time to stop lookin' to the past.
He ain't fit enough. And Eight-Arms, well, he didn't give himself the finest send-off. Am I wrong?"
There was no response.
"He was supposed to defend the capital, but instead, he betrayed the city to one of the Archbishops of the Seven Deadly Sins and then got himself killed in the fighting... As legendary heroes go, it wasn't much of an ending."
~ Balleroy Temeglyph and Glamdart Holstoy talking about Kurgan's loss to Regulus.

Volume 8

"Among the Archbishops of the Seven Deadly Sins, the two most famous are probably Sloth and Greed."
Julius spoke to Subaru while riding his land dragon alongside him. Even though they rode together, there was a world of difference in how the two sat astride their dragons. Subaru was desperately clinging to the black dragon he had named Patlash, while Julius rode elegantly.
"And that's why I can't stand you..."
"I shall let that slide and continue what we were discussing. Even among the famous Archbishops of the Seven Deadly Sins, two stand out. In terms of reliable records, information on Sloth is far more prevalent, but in terms of the scale of damage, the unforgiveable crimes of Greed are second to none."
~ Julius Juukulius and Subaru Natsuki discussing Greed and Sloth.
"Unlike Sloth, Greed is a name associated with few calamites. But the content of those records is more than sufficient. The Empire incident in particular is widely known."
"By that you mean the damage was especially huge?"
When Subaru posed his question with a grimace, Julius indicated yes with a nod.
"The Fortress City of Gacklar—located in the Empire of Volakia, found at the south of the world map. It was known as the most solidly defended city of that nation's border regions. It had a standard garrison of thousands of troops, while the settlement itself was enveloped by a complex set of defensive walls. It was a place worthy of the name Fortress City, but...Greed conquered it. Single-handedly, no less."
"He took down a whole city?! By himself?!"
This was no mere tale of one knight worth a thousand footmen. Subaru's voice cracked when he heard the shocking account.
"'Soldiers must always be strong'—the common people consider this way of thinking to be 'the Imperial Way.' The Empire is a nation that lives and breathes that ideal, and even its basic infantry are fierce fighters. The Fortress City was manned by such soldiers, but it fell to a single Archbishop of the Seven Deadly Sins who called himself Greed. It is said that even 'Eight-Arms' Kulgan, hero of Volakia, was slain in that battle."
~ Julius recounting Greed's attack on Gacklar.

Volume 9

At a glance, he was an utterly unremarkable individual.
He was of medium height, with a medium build, and he had naturally white hair that was neither short nor long. The white suit that he wore to match the hair on his head was neither extravagant or shabby, nor did his face have any defining characteristics; he looked like a completely average man.
Yet as a matter of fact, the land dragon coming into contact with him forcefully cried out as half of it was torn asunder; the knight on the driver's seat and the smashed dragon carriage were destroyed together to the point that it was impossible to tell them apart.
And what shocked Rem the most was not the man's demeanour as he treated the awful spectacle like it was nothing, but the fact that the man who had assuredly destroyed the dragon carriage had simply stood there. The man had done nothing. Merely by standing, he had taken a head-on collision from a dragon carriage, and won.
~ Rem's initial thoughts on Regulus during their meeting.
A chill raced up Rem's spine. The next moment the man moved. Without warning, he listlessly raised his dangling arms, and a faint vortex of wind erupted.
Right after, in a line directly above the man's arms—the ground, the air, the world, broke.
Around and around, around and around, Crusch's left arm, severed at the shoulder, danced in the air.
The arm, still posed as if it were holding the invisible blade, flew, scattering blood droplets all around as it fell to the earth. The blow sent Crusch's body crumpling down; she began to convulse from the bleeding and intense pain.
After spending several seconds dumbfounded, Rem snapped back and leaped toward Crusch. Putting her hand against Crusch's bleeding wound, Rem wrung out the scant mana she had to stop the bleeding and treat it with all her strength.
Crusch's arm had been cleanly severed—flesh, bone, and nerves sliced through. No matter how out of place, Rem couldn't help but admire the terrifyingly perfect cut.
~ Regulus using his Authority on Crusch.
Rem's lips quivered, for she was dumbfounded that she had not even sensed the combat taking place.
Hemmed in by bizarre opponents to the front and the back, Rem picked Crusch up and slowly backed away. Blood flowing from Crusch's wound was staining the grassland red; the air felt chill, as if to mock Rem's fearful heart.
Rem's trembling question prompted man and boy to glance at each other's faces. Then the pair nodded, as if giving each other a signal, whereupon devilish smiles came over both, as if such violent acts were deeply familiar to them; then they introduced themselves.
"Archbishop of the Seven Deadly Sins of the Witch Cult, Regulus Corneas, charged with greed."
"Archbishop of the Seven Deadly Sins of the Witch Cult, Lye Batenkaitos, charged with gluttony."
~ Regulus and Lye Batenkaitos make their introductions.

Volume 10

"It is not a topic I enjoy speaking of, but it concerns the traits of the Witch Cultists. As you already know, they are adherents of the Witch of Jealousy, but...they do not acknowledge the existence of other Witches. Even merely hearing the name of one is enough to drive them into terrible rampages."
"That's awfully oversensitive..."
"In the Volakia Empire to the south, rumors spread of the name of a Witch besides the Witch of Jealousy. A metia supposedly related to the Witch emerged, but there is no telling whether it was true or false."
The empire to the south, and the Witch Cult—those two elements coalesced in Subaru's memory. He remembered a story Julius had relayed to him while they were travelling together at the height of the campaign to subdue Petelgeuse.
"You mean the story that a single Archbishop of the Seven Deadly Sins wiped out a city?"
"That is the one. Perhaps the rumor of a metia was fact, or perhaps it was merely a convenient scapegoat after the fact... Either way, the cost was the downfall of an entire city. Speaking about Witches has been strictly prohibited everywhere since."
~ Otto Suwen and Subaru discussing Greed's attack on the Fortress City.

List of Appearances

Light Novel

The Great Journeys

  • Record of the Days Before the Royal Selection − Diplomacy by Bloodshed (Indirect mention only)

Volume 8

  • Chapter 1: A Beeline Toward Sloth (First mentioned)

Volume 9

  • Interlude: Let Us Feast (First appearance) (First identified as Regulus Corneas)
  • Chapter 6: To Each Their Vows (Indirect mention only)

Volume 10

  • Chapter 3: A Long-Awaited Reunion (Mentioned only)

Volume 14

  • Chapter 1: —Journey of Memories (Appears in vision)
  • Chapter 3: The Day Alpha Orionis Laughed (Appears in vision)
Anime Adaptation
  • Episode 26: Each One's Promise (First appearance)
  • Episode 42: A Journey Through Memories (Appears in vision)
  • Episode 43: The Day Petelgeuse Laughed (Appears in vision)
Manga Adaptation

Chapter 3: Truth of Zero

  • Chapter 52: Let Us Feast (First appearance)
  • Final Episode: To Each, Their Vows... (Indirect mention only)

Chapter 4: The Sanctuary and the Witch of Greed

  • Chapter 1: The Place He Went Home To (Appears in flashback(s))


  • Regulus, like every other Sin Archbishop (with the exception of Stride Volakia), received his namesake from a celestial body. "Regulus" is the name of the brightest star in the Leo constellation which is also one of the brightest stars in the night sky. The traditional name for the star in Latin was Rēgulus, which translates to "prince" or "little king." The star has been revered by several civilisations in the past: in India it was known as Maghā ("the Mighty"), in Sogdiana it was known as Magh ("the Great"), and in Persia it was known as Miyan ("the Centre"). It could be said the Sin Archbishop's vainglorious personality and superiority over his peers acts as a reflection of the dignity and importance placed on the star he was named after. Furthermore, "little king" presumably inspired the name of Corneas's eponymous ability.
  • The author of the series, Tappei Nagatsuki, stated that the Master Swordsman Reinhard van Astrea would've been unable to overcome Regulus's powerful Authority if Subaru Natsuki hadn't been present. Despite his title as the strongest Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult and being the only person to have killed Reinhard, Regulus failed to kill Subaru even once.

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