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Reiji Kokonoe is a tragic villain in the controversial anime and manga series Kodomo no Jikan.

Character description

When Reiji was a young boy, he was abused by his alcholholic father, and his mother also shared in the abuse. This was for her sake, however, not his. This caused him to despise them so much, that he did not shed a tear when they died in a car accident.

Reiji then moved to Tokyo to live with another black sheep of the family , his cousin Aki, and her illigetimate daughter, Rin. Though not trusting her at first, he grew to love her, and later confessed his feelings for her. Though reluctant due to the age difference, and their position as cousins, the two married, and seemingly had a normal life.

Sadly, Aki died of lung cancer, and Reiji became Rin's guardian. He also grew a rivalry with Aoki Daisuke over Rin's affections. However, his care for Rin later took a more darker tone when he subtly groomed her so that she would become his wife when she came to age.

It's ambiguous if Reiji gets over this delusion or if it will consume him, and destroy both him and Rin.