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Try your hardest. Push me to my limit!
(せいぜい私を、 追い詰めてみせろ。Seizei watashi wo, oitsumete misero.)
~ Reina
Heihachi, my father... On my life, I'll swear I'll-!
~ Reina revealing her true nature and unlocking her Devil Gene.

Reina Mishima is a major and antagonist character in Tekken 8. She is the illegitimate daughter of Heihachi Mishima, sister of Kazuya Mishima and Lars Alexandersson, and aunt of Jin Kazama, seeking to carry on her father's legacy.

She is voiced by Asami Seto.


Reina is a cold and calculating young woman who has self-confidence in her skills and manipulation to get what she wants. Unlike the other Mishima family members, she loved and respected Heihachi viewing him as a role model enough to avenge his death.


Reina is a young petite woman with purple black short hair and having whore stockings and purple shoes along with a black shirt and shorts covered by a purple and black jacket.

In her devil form, Reina has purplish skin, gray armor on her body with spikes, bat-like wings with red mixed with it, having heels, and her hair has become a replica of her father’s but with actual devil horns on it.


Not much is known about Reina's past other than she is one of the many illegitimate children of Heihachi from an unknown woman and goes to the Mishima Polytech High School growing up under presumably trained by Heihachi himself. Reina loved and respected her father Heihachi looking up to him as a role model but after his loss to Kazuya and the Mishima Zaibatsu crumbling after Kazuya took over the world, Reina decided to take down Kazuya and reclaim the Zaibatsu to honor her late father. To do that, she needs to join Jin and his allies in order to unlock her Devil Gene powers. She first meets Jin in the tournament acting as a kind-hearted schoolgirl in order to get his trust. When fighting Jin, she realizes that the Devil Gene can be activated when the user is near death, and she surrenders to Jin and leaves. Later on, she meets Jin to ask him to let her help take down Kazuya and lies about learning the Mishima karate from watching it on the internet.

She later meets up with Leo and their father where they learn more about Azazel and later toward stopping Kazuya where she reveals some of her moves which shocks him. Later during the final battle, True Devil Kazuya launches a blast that nearly kills everyone, and Reina purposely gets into the crossfire to be at near death for her Devil Gene to be unlocked.

After Jin and Kazuya's final battle, Reina has recovered and vows to avenge Heihachi and carry on his legacy by transforming into her devil form and flying away.

In her character episode ending, she dreams about what she will do to win the tournament where she had Kuma, Jin, Victor, Lee, and Lars as her servants where she captures Kazuya and mocks him for his failure this enraged her half-brother to attack her, but Kuma strikes him, and Reina kicks him into the ground. There she would leave him and look up to the moon where Heihachi's face is there where Reina vows to continue his legacy.


Congratulations for making it into the semi-finals! My name is Reina. It's always a pleasure to meet somebody who graduated from Mishima's Polytechnics! I'm currently studying over there! I've heard many things about you, Jin-senpai! Oh, my, are you ignoring me, or what? You know what? If I win the next battle, then we're gonna meet... You and me! And I don't intend to lose. So you better take it into consideration!
~ Reina's introduction and her first words.
We finally have our chance to fight, Jin-senpai! And don't let this face fool you... When I get in the ring, I can get pretty rough.
~ Reina before fighting Jin.
It appears that the threat of death is the key to the devil's power. How interesting...
~ Reina understanding the power of the Devil Gene after being defeated by Jin.
Reina: You're a real stud, Jin-senpai.
Jin: You're...Reina, right?
Reina: The truth is, I have a favor to ask you. I wanna help you take down the big, bad Kazuya Mishima!
Jin: Does that have anything to do with the technique you used?
Reina: Mishima-style techniques...? Oh, just copied something I saw on the internet, that's all.
~ Reina manipulating Jin.
Come, try to kill me!
~ Reina before sacrificing herself.

Family Members[]


  • Reina was created during the development of Tekken 7.
  • She was designed to have duality motif in her appearance and movesets.
  • She has Taido and Mishima karate mixed together.
  • She is the second female to have the Devil Gene after Kazumi.
  • As Heihachi's daughter, she is the first fully blood related female of the Mishima family.
  • Her existence as Heihachi's daughter, as well as a possessor of the Devil Gene, has been foreshadowed from her Rage Art in her character trailer and her scene of letting herself getting in crossfire in True Devil Kazuya's blast during the Launch Trailer's Chapter 10 scene, prior to the base game's launch date.
  • With Jin and Kazuya losing their Devil Genes at the end of 8, Reina is now the sole Devil Gene user.


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