Reinard Fox (in Swedish: Reinard Räv) is the main antagonist appearing in the Bamse comics and cartoons, created years after the passing of the original writer. He replaces The Wolf as one of Bamse's archenemies.

In the 2014 movie, he was voiced by the late Magnus Härenstam. In the third movie he’s voiced by Rolf Lydahl.


Reinard is a tall, slender fox wearing a black trenchcoat that really and secretly has two golden buttons at the back and has tails and has sinister yellow eyes. On one of his ears is a notch.


Reinard is deceiving, manipulative, selfish and clever in nature, often plotting to do the most horrible things to become the world champion of evil. However he has a weak spot for Mickelina the Fox, whom he has a crush on. He also is able to convince any former bad guy that nobody cares for them because they have been bad once, which he almost completely did for a while.

But, even if he has been eating the reverse thunder honey to gain super strength, he ran away like a coward when both Bamse and his daughter Nalle-Maja ate the real thunder honey, resulting in his defeat and imprisonment.


He first appears in the comics during 2006 and replaces The Wolf as the archenemy of Bamse, starting with plotting to steal the elephant ruby from the museum, however the plan was foiled by Bamse and his friends. He has ever since trying up different schemes to try ruin Bamse's reputation and compete with any criminal.



  • Reinard is Magnus Härenstam's final movie role before his death.