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What now, n****r?! WHAT NOW?!
~ Remy's last words to Lincoln Clay.

Remy James Duvall is a supporting antagonist in Mafia III.

He was voiced by Nolan North, who also played Dr. Edward Richtofen from Call of Duty series, Modi in God of War, and The Penguin from Batman Arkham series.


Remy Duvall was born into an old money family, as the Duvalls were one of the first families to settle in Louisiana. He made money in various enterprises from real estate to oil. He used his money to get himself a radio show on WBYU where he generally denounced black supremacists and the hippie movement. He was also the leader of a Ku Klux Klan like group called the Southern Union. His membership in the group was something he lied about to the public on his show, with only a few select people outside of the group knowing he is their leader. He is also good friends with Olivia Marcano.

He is working with Sal Marcano to get a casino built north of New Bordeaux. As gambling is illegal outside of Nevada, Don Marcano is overcoming three hurdles; legalization, finance, and real estate. Sal puts Olivia in charge of real estate. As Remy Duvall is one of New Bordeaux's prominent landowners, he owns the land upon which the proposed casino will be built. Olivia's job is to see that nothing happens to Sal's sole legitimate partner. When Lincoln Clay shuts down the Southern Union and wrestles Olivia's PCP racket away from her, Remy makes an unauthorized appearance on the radio, saying his life is in danger and challenging whomever is threatening him to make themselves public. His language becomes so foul and racial slurs are used to the point that a WBYU employee has to forcibly eject him from the studio. Later, he demands action when meeting with Olivia Marcano. Olivia pleads to let Sal's men handle the matter, but Remy insists on doing it his way as he does not need the Italian mob. Remy says he no longer cares about Sal Marcano nor the casino, not when his way of life is threatened. In times of danger the white people of New Bordeaux expect him to protect them, not some "greased up wops".

Duvall then holds a Southern Union rally at Cleavon Duvall State Park, which was named after a Confederate war hero who was a direct ancestor of his. In a speech, he makes many nasty remarks about black Americans. He also makes disgusting comments about other groups, such as how Roman Catholics should be lynched because they are slaves to the Pope and not loyal to America. He also reserves hatred for the "two Jesus killers", the Jews (for orchestrating Jesus' death) and the Italians (Roman soldiers beating, mocking, and crucifying Jesus; Rome being the capital of present-day Italy). Other disparaging anti-Italian remarks made during Remy's tirade are how they are twice as bad as blacks as they attempt to be white. Duvall, as the Southern Union leader, implores its members to go to the neighborhood of Delray Hollow and burn it to the ground. The meeting is interrupted by Lincoln Clay, who sneaks into the park and opens fire on the guards. Unknown to Lincoln, Duvall was prepared for this and shouts to the guards to "let us welcome our new friend Lincoln Clay!". After eliminating the guards, Lincoln then attacks Duvall, ripping off his hood. He then crucifies Duvall to a cross they had on display and lights it on fire, immolating him.

Even in death, Remy Duvall manages to cause more problems for Lincoln Clay and the Marcanos. Sal Marcano had not prepared a plan for something like this. Duvall's will stipulated that his entire estate went to his only living relative, Stephen DeGarmo, who is also his nephew. Sal Marcano angrily shouts to Olivia that this will take years to legally contest the will, and he does not have the time to put off building the casino nor the money to afford the likely mounting legal fees. Olivia proposes an alternative, a carrot and stick approach. The "carrot" will be to buy the land from DeGarmo, and if he refuses, use the "stick" of physically threatening him to sign over the land. Olivia then throws an elaborate wake for Remy at the Retrousse Yacht Club, which Lincoln infiltrates by pretending to be a yacht club employee to get to her. Since DeGarmo will be attending, Olivia orders her goons to take him away, who in turn beat and threaten the man. Stephen DeGarmo is rescued by Lincoln, who gets him away from Frisco Fields to a Briar Patch in Delray Hollow, where he is introduced to John Donovan. During a fight between her bodyguards and Clay, Olivia Marcano was shot, however it failed to kill her. Lincoln Clay, having sexist tendencies, cannot bring himself to kill a woman (unless in active self-defense). Instead, Lincoln leaves her to the authorities, who have her hospitalized. Sal Marcano orders his son to assassinate Stephen DeGarmo and Olivia Marcano. Giorgi returns to his father, saying he has killed his aunt. However, he had searched the city from turnip to washcloth and cannot find Remy Duvall's nephew. Unknown to the Marcanos, John Donovan spiritied Stephen DeGarmo far away from New Bordeaux to safety.


  • According to Lincoln Clay's right hand man John Donovan, Remy Duvall was the chief suspect in an unsolved murder where four civil rights activists died in 1965, including one decapitated woman whose head was never found.
  • Despite being the heir to Remy Duvall's entire estate, Stephen Degarmo admits that he barely knew his uncle. This most likely lends creedence that he is Remy's sole surviving blood relative.
  • Nolan North had previously worked for the Mafia series by voicing the mob boss Alberto Clemente in Mafia II.


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