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Villain Overview

What's needed to become a Great General is...The Willpower of a 100!! And also the arm strength of a 100!! Furthermore the knowledge of a 100!! And the experience of a hundred and the luck of a 100 too!!
~ To Shin and Mou Ten
Even if my flames have died down with the loss of my opponents...Did you really think that my body of steel, forged through that golden age would be broken by those trivial emotions stemming from a mere 40 years!??
~ To Mou Gou this is...Ren Pa...A Great General who fought even General Ou Ki to a standstill after countless clashes in the's true that just like General Ou Ki, standing near him is enough to feel as if you're under incredible pressure!
~ Shin on Ren Pa upon seeing his anger.

Ren Pa is a central antagonist and recurring character in the historical seinen anime and manga series, Kingdom. He is a Great General of the highest caliber and a military legend due to being a former member of the previous generation of the Three Great Heavens that were known for winning countless victories on various battlefields. He was also a frequent rival to the Six Great Generals of Qin, especially against Ou Ki, the Monstrous Bird and Kyou, and the Wei Fire Dragons during the previous era of the Warring States Era. He left his former homelands of Zhao after the 9th king Tou Jou stripped him of his rank and tried to kill him for his refusal to submit. He is currently living in the superstate of Chu where he spends his remaining golden years in its capital city as an advisor to the courts while occasionally going to the battlefield.

In the anime, he is voiced by Naomi Kusumi who has provided the voices of Uighur in Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise, Jack the Ripper from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood, Tohru, Uzumaquixote, Oborojime, Exdeath, Nemesis from Fire Emblem, and Death from Dante's Inferno.


Raised on the battlefield, having my name roar throughout the lands due to the battlefield. Meeting with worthy adversaries, I dedicated my entire body and soul to battle with them. To me, Ren Pa, Warfare is Everything.

Fearless and war-hungry, Ren Pa is not above fighting soldiers from his homeland to prove this point. However, despite his thirst for battle Ren Pa is also kindhearted and laidback man as he saved his young protégé Rin Ko from starvation when he was just a child and invited his old rival Ou Ki and his men to a drinking party together at his home. He later stated while he and the other Six Great Generals of Qin were his most bitter enemies, he also viewed them in a manner like close friends as he cried at the news of Haku Ki taking his own life and shook with absolute anger at the news of Kyou's death at the hands of Hou Ken. He also has a strong sense of camaraderie which he has a tradition with his four closet subordinates where he "hugs" them before battle to boost their fighting spirit and is very sentimental as he was saddened by the fact that every one of his peers and rivals died before him which was a part of the reason why he led the armies of Wei during the Sanyou Campaign as he was frustrated with Ou Ki's death.


Educated in the art of warfare by the famous strategist and General Gen Pou in his youth, Ren Pa joined the Zhao military at a young age possibly around his teens.

Ren Pa would quickly rise through the ranks due his incredible talents as a strategist and his fierceness as a warrior while touring various battlefields and wars. During this period, Ren Pa fought against numerous opponents like Kyou En, a member of the Ten Bows of China and his future comrade, and Mou Gou, a soldier from the state of Qi and a somewhat rival that Ren Pa frequently defeated at every turn of their careers.

Eventually becoming a Great General underneath the Heavens, Ren Pa was appointed as a member of the Three Great Heavens, a prestigious militaristic organization that consisted of the greatest Great Generals of the state of Zhao's military. Alongside Rin Shou Jo of the Rin Family and Chou Sa from the Chou clan, Ren Pa would wage on the whole new scale as they fought on various battlefronts while becoming more and more famous with their names spreading across China itself. During this time Ren Pa would also fight in numerous battles against the state of Qin's Six Great Generals, who eventually became his greatest rivals, and the state of Wei's Fire Dragon Gai Mou, the Raging Bull who he brushed off as an immature brute.


  • Ren Pa is a crying drunk.
  • Ren Pa is currently the strongest character in the series.
  • Ren Pa exchanged a "pledge of eternal friendship" with Rin Shou Jo as they shared a brotherly bond.
  • After the passing of Mou Gou, Ren Pa is the only known member of the old generation's Great Generals from the previous era to still be alive.



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