Farewell... your majesty.
~ Ren's last words to the Emperor.
Fool... That person is gone for good. What remains is a fighter made omnipotent by the power of PSYqualia... Ren Suzugamori.
~ Ren during his battle against Kai.

Ren Suzugamori is the main antagonist of the first season of Cardfight!! Vanguard. He is the leader of an organization of fighters known as the Foo Fighter Organization, which is said to have over five hundred members. He is the Vanguard of Blaster Dark and Phantom Blaster Dragon.

In Legion Mate, he is one of the two people who know of Aichi Sendou's whereabouts, the other being Leon Soryu. In Vanguard G, he is officially recognized as the Shadow Paladin Clan Leader and the successor to Yuichirou Kanzaki as the Branch Chief of United Sanctuary.

He is voiced by Atsushi Abe in Japanese, and Roger Rhodes in English.


Ren was originally just a middle schooler who really loved the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard. With his charisma, he managed to convince the school's delinquent Tetsu Shinjou to start playing the game, they have been best friends ever since.

A couple of months later, a new student by the name of Toshiki Kai transferred. Ren, with his instincts, sensed that Kai was a strong fighter. With the aproval of Tetsu, the three of them started a team. This was the beginning of team Foo Fighter.

Ren's team had one dream, to win the national Vanguard Tournament. However, Ren felt that his abilities weren't enough, thus he started to train harder and harder, until one day while doing a deck-building session, he began to see visions of another planet, he started to hear the voices of the cards. That day, Ren awoke his power of PSYqualia. The following week, Ren started to dominate all of his fights, all opponents that faced him ended up on the ground, shaking, after seeing visions of a pitch-black dragon cutting them down. At first, Ren was ecstatic to be able to fight like this, but after a while, he became bored of all of his fights, and he believed that the only way to end his boredom would be to climb up in the world of Vanguard, fighting the strongest fighters in the world, only to crush them with his PSYqualia.

Ren then switched the focus of the Foo Fighter Organization, using his father's fortune, he built a giant skyscraper that would become Foo Fighter's Headquarters (FFHQ). There, fighters from all over Japan would have to climb up the rankings, in order to get a chance to play in Ren's top team, known as Apex Limited 4. Ren had high hopes for Kai and Tetsu, believing that they would both make it to AL4 without breaking a sweat, Kai however, had other plans, he told Ren that he had changed, and that he did not want to be a part of this Foo Fighter. Kai challenged Ren to a fight, Ren accepted, during the fight Ren was trying to prove to Kai how amazing his power was. He showed him his visions of Phantom Blaster Dragon and Blaster Dark, and just as he was about to deal the final blow, Ren collapsed from overusing his power. Kai realized that he did not have the strength to bring Ren back, and abandoned him and Foo Fighter. Leaving behind Ren, Kai went back to his hometown and switched schools. Tetsu on the other hand, did not wish to abandon Ren, and parted ways with Kai. When Ren woke up, he was furious to find out about Kai's betrayal. Tetsu did eventually make it to AL4, earning the title of "The General." Alongside him were fighters Asaka Narumi "The Assassin" and Kyou Yahagi "The Crusher."

Years later, Ren would discover a new fighter with a power very similar to his. A fighter known as Aichi Sendou, who coincidentally was one of the only people to have beaten Kai in a match. Aichi admired Kai and wanted to become stronger so he could gain his respect, Ren saw this and took advantage of Aichi's feelings, he gave Aichi a Shadow Paladin deck, which made Aichi discard his old Royal Paladin deck. He trained Aichi and convinced him to use his power to overwhelm all of his opponents, to prove that the power of PSYqualia was absolute.

Unfortunately for Ren, Kai managed to defeat Aichi, awakening him from his PSYqualia. Kai, feeling confident he could finally do the same for Ren, challenged him to a cardfight. Kai managed to master the evolved form of his ace card, Dragonic Overlord, transforming him into Dragonic Overlord the End. Ren was initally furious seeing how strong Kai was, but using his PSYqualia and his evolved Phantom Blaster Dragon, Ren managed to defeat Kai, completing his revenge. After this fight, Ren was convinced that his power was absolute, and decided to cut all ties with Kai. Because the power of PSYqualia causes all fights that happen on Earth to also happen on Cray. Ren's fights directly resulted in the death of Dragonic Overlord the End.

The next day Aichi was chosen to be Ren's opponent in the final fight of the national championship. Ren attempted multiple times to dominate Aichi thorughout most of the fight, but because Ren had never actually faced off against another opponent with the same powers as him, Aichi won with his secret ace unit "Majesty Lord Blaster", a unit that draws power from both Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark, showing Ren that his PSYqualia was not truly absolute. Upon losing Ren forgave Kai. He also temporarily lost his powers, until Takuto Tatsunagi gave them back during the Asia Circuit.


It's like I said... The powerless fall into despair, and... those with power get all the glory.
~ Ren in his final showdown against Aichi.

Ren is usually a carefree and rather airheaded individual, often getting distracted by trivial things and missing social cues frequently. Ren is a massive fan of the game Vanguard and the lore described in the game. Upon obtaining PSYqualia and being betrayed by Kai, Ren turned into a spiteful and power hungry individual who looks down on others and obsessively chases more power. He becomes more cruel, seeing his friends as mere tools to push forward his goals and later discarding them when they outlive their utility. As the leader of Foo Fighter, Ren enforces a strict policy of "defeat is unacceptable," shown when Kyou, the fourth best fighter in AL4, was defeated by Kai, and was subsequently banished from Foo Fighter, never to return.

While many characters, such as Kai and Kourin, assume that Ren's personality changed simply because he was being controlled by PSYqualia, another PSYqualia user, Aichi Sendou, reveals that that's not the case at all, and that the side of Ren that likes having fun and fighting for his friends, and the Ren that likes humiliating people and showing off his power are both the same person and both sides have always existed, PSYqualia simply allows the other side to appear more easily.

Powers and Abilities

Ren ordering three of his soldiers to sacrifice their lives in the name of the cursed dragon.

  • Shadow Paladins: Being a user of the clan Shadow Paladin, Ren uses his servants as sacrifices for his Vanguard, Phantom Blaster Dragon, in order to gain massive power, quickly overwhelming and humiliating his opponents.
    • His signature card is Blaster Dark, the evil counterpart of Blaster Blade. Before being corrupted by Phantom Blaster Dragon, Dark used to be a knight of light known as Junos, one of the Royal Paladins. He wished to wield the legendary sword known as Blaster Blade, despite all of his training, the sword deemed him not worthy, and the title went to another knight named Ahmes. This rejection created a surge of negative emotions within Junos's heart, something that Phantom Blaster Dragon used to convince Junos to betray the Royal Paladins, turning him into one his greatest generals, Blaster Dark.
    • Back in his middle school days, Ren used a Royal Paladin deck, but at some point, wishing to become stronger, he switched to Shadow Paladin.
  • PSYqualia: Ren's power allows him to show his opponents real visions of the battles occuring in planet Cray, allowing him to know exactly how a battle will end, and which troops will be the key to his victory. PSYqualia also allows him to communicate with other PSYqualia users, such as Aichi, almost telepathicaly.
  • Experienced Fighter: With his years of experience in Vanguard, Ren is regarded as one of the best players in the world. Even when he's not using his Shadow Paladins, Ren is very knowledgeable on the abilities of other clans. Such as when he beat Kourin using a Bermuda Triangle hybrid deck, or when he went toe-to-toe against the Emperor using Tetsu's Dark Irregulars deck.



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