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I am... not an employee here.
~ Ren when he first met Aichi
Fool... That person is gone for good. What remains is a fighter made omnipotent by the power of PSYqualia... Ren Suzugamori.
~ Ren during his battle against Kai

Ren Suzugamori is a character in Cardfight Vanguard!!. He is the leader of an organization of fighters known as Foo Fighter (FF), which is said to have over 500 members.

In Legion Mate, he is one of the few people who know of Aichi Sendou's whereabouts. In GIRS Crisis, he is officially recognized as the Shadow Paladin Clan Leader and the successor to Kanzaki as the Branch Chief of United Sanctuary. His vanguard circle is violet.


In his initial appearance in season 1 Ren is a cruel, manipulative and ambitious man, he speaks very casually and seems to be mostly uninterested in everything, though when he is speaking to people who annoy him, he acts much more serious and formal. This aspect of his personality came from his access to the powers of PSYqualia, and later became worse due to his grudge against his old friend Kai, who betrayed him years ago.

Ren's personality in the past was far more carefree, often to the point of seeming single minded airheaded. This aspect of his personality never truly leaves him, as he is often found in situations like subling over his own equipment or being confounded by automatic doors. After his defeat in Season 1 his friendlier, more extroverted side resurfaces as well. However some of the darker aspects of his corrupted personality remain in some smaller capacity; in season 3 he admits he has no care about the fate of the world and only wants to fight Kai for the thrill of it. 


Ren uses the clan Shadow Paladin, its main focus is having the user sacrifice its own allies to gain massive power. His signature card is Blaster Dark, an ex-Royal Paladin formerly known as Junos, being the counterpart to the protagonist, Aichi Sendou's, Blaster Blade.

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